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Issue of One Adwords Account Running Ads to Two Domains

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Hi, there!


I have one Adwords account and two domains with different products and different audiences.


As far as I understand the Ads policies, I could have one adwords account, since the two domains have the same owner or I could also have two accounts, since the domains, audience and products are different.


So, my question is: since I want to maximize conversions for both domains and I have different conversions rules for the different domains and once that strategy uses the audiences characteristics to predict who most likely would buy my products, the usage of only one account wouldn't mix up the audiences characteristics?


Since I know that audiences are different, should I use different adwords accounts to avoid mixing up audiences? Are the previous campaigns audiences used to predict which are the next campaigns most likely audiences?




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Issue of One Adwords Account Running Ads to Two Domains

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Let's start with the first question first ;-)


If you have two domains owned by the same entity, it is always best to run them under a single account. The reason is simple - if, even my mistake - you run campaigns that somehow overlap and target the same individual that is called gaining an unfair advantage (I still prefer the old name - double serving). Google can suspend you for this and getting back is a hard arduous and often never ending road.


The second question is more complex - in the main because I'm not sure I understand it!


Let's break down some of the points... firstly, conversions get linked back to the campaign that triggered the visit so if a visitor from campaign A converts, that conversion is tied to campaign A. 


But when you talk about audiences, are you talking about remarketing audiences or the more generic "target group" that your campaigns are pointed at?


If we are discussing the general public and you have a target segment that is interested in blue widgets, then your campaigns, by default will target them - and these will not (or should not) overlap your other target segment who like blue dongles.


Since the conversions are tied to the campaigns in this way, you can happily use CPA bidding or similar strategies to manage your bids and budgets since these will still maintain the silos that your sites determine.


If, on the other hand, you are talking about remarketing audiences then you would need to build one audience for each domain.


This can be done within AdWords or within Google Analytics. And you would be able to slice and dice these audiences with much more precision within GA rather than in AdWords.


Once you have this set up you can then develop "similar to" audiences which is what I suspect you may be referring to when you mention previous campaign audiences being used to identify future audiences.


Perhaps this helps to define your question a little better - please get back and let us know.


Issue of One Adwords Account Running Ads to Two Domains

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Hi Steve!


Thanks for the answer!


My doubt was because the conversion rules are not assigned to a campaign, but your explanation clarified things up.


Thanks and best regards!


Issue of One Adwords Account Running Ads to Two Domains

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Hi Steve,


I might be having a similar doubt to what you were explaining in this post, hope you can clarify this for me.


I have a client who wants us to run 2 different campaigns, with 2 different landing pages (A and B). I'm not clear whether we have to build those marketing campaigns under two Adwords accounts (since we will have to set up two Google Analytics codes and two remarketing codes) or it is possible to do it under one Adwords account and two different campaigns. Can you help here?

If we do it under one Adwords Account, is it possible to link it to 2 Analytics Codes and set up 2 Remarketing Lists?


Thanks in advance,


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