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Is this going to be possible?

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Right now I have a daily budget of $20.00 (I'm a very small just starting out business).


I am running several different ad groups and ad copies to try to find a good CTR rate because I need to get my CPC down to around .33 cents or lower.(it is now between .48 and .59 cents). If I can get my CPC around .33 and I have a 10% conversion, I think adwords will work for me. However, if I can't get in this ballpark, then adwords may not work for me.


Are these figures going to be realistically achievable? I know it all depends on how well I write the ad, my keywords, my landing page. But what I mean is if I have the "Perfect ad, Perfect keywords, Perfect landing page", do you think the above figures are reachable???




Thank you for your opinion.

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Re: Is this going to be possible?

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Hi David.
I do indeed think this may possible. It's a little difficult to tell though without more info like your industry, products, competition etc.

I think you got lots of really great advice on your other thread ( )

What you have provided is figures without context. If you want to provide more detail, INCLUDING your URL, we'll be able to offer a lot more advice.

Unfortunately, I think you may be too late for the community advice program, but submit your application here just in case:

Re: Is this going to be possible?

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Industry is "Graphic Printed Apparel"
Products, We sell graphic printed t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, long
sleeve tees and blank (No design) apparel also.
Competition: ",,,, and 100's of other's.

Our niche is that we provide a stunning multi-color graphic image that can
be printed on your choice of garment, color, size, and you only have to
purchase 1 piece. All this at a very affordable price.

Most of the above company's you have to purchase more than 1 and most of
them are at a higher price.

Here is our web-site.

Re: Is this going to be possible?

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If you want low CPC's, you're really looking at display advertising. AND as a graphic design company, display ads will be a great way to showcase your work right in the ads. Even if your conversion rate is below your goal, if the CPC's are lower, then you may be able to work a profitable CPA.