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Is there any instance where...

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you may be put into an auction that's much larger than usual?


For instance, someone is searching from outside of the US (business is located in US) and does not specify any location targeting in their search terms. For example "lawn mowers usa". Is there any way your bid could place you into a national auction? If so, how do you see that approximate bid?


Just curious, because I have seen a few search terms such as these recently in the Search Terms Report. That's not to say that these queries aren't physically located in my radius target, but was just curious to what would happen if they weren't.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the situation!

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Re: Is there any instance where...

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Not sure what you exactly mean here. But what I understood from your query, if you are targeting US as a country and someone outside your location searches for the term you referred above, chances are that your ad might be shown to those users depending upon various signals like IP address, intent of the query and how relevant it is to your account plus other factors as well.


Also practically if you are not operating nationally, it is better to exclude any such queries which correspond to national level users. That's my opinion here.