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Is there any importance of attribitution modelling for Remarketing?

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Hello all,


I have been wondering for last few weeks while using attribution modelling in Remarketing, does it add any value to performance optimization ?


If yes, can you please share your experience for how to use it effectively ?



Ashutosh Nagare.



Re: Is there any importance of attribitution modelling for Remarketing

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Hi Ashutosh,

Yes it certainly helps in remarketing depending upon what model you are following. For example, i work in insurance sector and for few visitors, I have to follow "First Interaction attribution" model wherein their first interaction is coming to my product page and leaving afterwards.
I am running remarketing campaigns for these visitors for the same product but with more targeted ads and its really working for me.

Suggestion: You have to run these campaigns for min 2-3 months before noticing any results. Dont worry, in 7-8 months, it will reduce your overall ROI.

Hope this helps.

Re: Is there any importance of attribitution modelling for Remarketing

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Thanks Mreenal,


But I fail to understand the emphasis given on attribution model, from my understanding it is to assign credit for the channels that added to your conversion. I do agree the fact that it can be used for re-engagement but I am confused to use this for sign up new users and especially with a remarketing list.


Can you enlighten me with more details If my understanding is wrong.



Ashutosh Nagare