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Is there a way to show ads by search term then show them by location

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For instance if I am a plumber in Chicago I would want the headline of my ad to be "Chicago Plumbers" for anyone using the search term "plumbing company in Chicago". BUT there is also a town called Oak Lawn about 10 miles south east of Chicago and I also service that area. If someone located in Chicago put the search term "plumbing company in Oak Lawn" into google I would want my headline on my ad to say "Oak Lawn Plumbers" instead of "Chicago Plumbers". Is there any way to make it so that anyone in Chicago using a search term with the word plumber in it would see the ad headline "Chicago Plumbers" EXCEPT if the they also included the word "Oak Lawn" with the plumbing search term as well. Basically the hierarchy for adwords would be that anyone in Chicago searching for a plumbing service in Chicago adwords would first check to see if term contains the phrase Oak Lawn and if it does return "Oak Lawn Plumbers" for the adwords headline. If it does not contain it then just use the headline "Chicago Plumber". Is this possible to do?

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Re: Is there a way to show ads by search term then show them by locati

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Hi Gregory, welcome to the Community.  If you want the location in the Ad Copy - and that's a good idea - there's really only one way to do this.


I'd use an Ad Group for each location.  So, for example, I'd have an Ad Group for Chicago using Keywords such as +plumber +chicago and an Ad Headline like "Chicago Plumbing Services".  I'd then have another Ad Group for Oak Lawn with the Keyword +plumber +oak +lawn and Ad Headline "Oak Lawn Plumbers".  You'd have one of these "town" Ad Groups for each town around Chicago you wanted to target, writing specific Ads for each.  Note:  you should also target this Campaign using a good radius around Chicago so you don't get matches from other "Oak Lawns" around the world!


I'd start, as I have above, with one Campaign using an Ad Group for each town and Modified Broad Match Keywords.  Over time as I gathered data I'd add "phrase match" Keywords to be more precise with my terms and probably some [exact matches].  As time continues and more data comes in, I'd probably want to split my single Campaign into a Campaign for each location to provide more control over budget.


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