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Is there a way to disable uploading duplicate KWs in adwords editor?

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i mean a one-click way.


when we import and a csv file into adwords editor, there might be a few duplicate keywords.


is there a way to prevent the duplicates from being imported or posted in the first place?


without doing the search for duplicates, deleting dups, yadda, yadda...


is there a one-click way?

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Re: Is there a way to disable uploading duplicate KWs in adwords edito

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I don't think there is a one click way and I can see why they wouldn't do it.


Lets say you have the same term across 2 campaigns adn 3 adgroups, how would editor know which to keep and which to discard? 


You know where the better relevance is for your account so you need to have control of that kind of decision.


But, I may have a solution for you.


Once you find the duplicates in Editor have you tried using the "select duplicates by" button?



The new terms appear at the bottom of your duplicates so if you select, order of appearance then all but 1st you might quicky achieve what you are trying to do.


Let me know if this helps you.