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Is there a toll free number for google ad words? I need to speak to someone live please.

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I have been an ad words customer since 2007 and have found the past two years not as effective for me? Perhaps I am doing something wrong with my campaigns. Even google places I never appear on page 1 in listing and oftentimes they pause my campaign for some reason (pending). I am limited by budget- however $400 or so a month is a lot for a small business who has come upon slow economic times. My husband lost his job and I am contemplating if I will need to finally end my long term relationship with adwords since I am honestly not seeing a return as I did in the first three years. I understand the marketplace and higher budget clients have since joined but is there anything I can do to maximize my campaigns for results? Again, if there is a google ad consultant I can speak to via phone that would be a big help to me. I'm desperate! Thank you, Susan

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Re: Is there a toll free number for google ad words? I need to speak to someone live please.

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Hi Susan, sorry to hear you're having problems.  The options for contacting Google can be found by clicking the "Contact Adwords" button towards the top right of this page, but can I ask some questions first?  We may be able to help you out here.


First off you're not alone to struggle with your Adwords account.  Adwords has changed a lot in the last 5 years - as has the Internet itself and ecommerce - so it's not really surprising that the results you're seeing today are not like they were 2 years or more ago.  However, I still believe that even small companies can compete with the big guys if all the right things are in place - and that doesn't necessarily mean outbidding them on CPC.  There are plenty of big companies who make lots of errors in their Adwords/website relationship and a well managed, well built site can beat them.


It'd be useful if you'd be happy to share your website with us here so we can take a peek.  There are plenty of very knowledgeable people here who'd be more than happy to offer you advice on how to get yourself up and running again.


Don't despair, we're here to help.



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Re: Is there a toll free number for google ad words? I need to speak to someone live please.

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Hi Susan,
Google has a toll free support line 866-2-Google.
I would give them a call and I am also sure there are plenty of people here who can offer you advice from a 'been there done that' perspective too.
One thing I wanted to say after reading your message is that AdWords is always changing and the amount of competition has risen over the last several years in some verticals. This has driven up costs for some advertisers. Depending on your costs per click and your usual conversion rates $12.00 daily may not be enough. Do you get budget restriction warnings in your account? Can you give us an idea of what your average cost per click has been over the past 30 days?
Also, have you reviewed your targeting settings to make sure you are on the most optimal settings? There have been changes to things like targeting, ad serving, and more over the last couple of years that can affect you.


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