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Is one landing page per kephrase variation overkill?

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I am working on improving the QS of my account.

As one factor in this work, I am considering having near-duplicate landing pages, each focusing on a given keyword.

For example, my company offers short-term apartment rentals in Paris, France.

So one adgroup + landing page would be about "short-term Paris apartments", while another agroup + landing page would be about "Paris rentals".

Thus, the ad would closely reflect the search terms, and so would the landing page.

(Because the landing pages would be near-identical, I would exclude all but one from being crawled, to avoid duplicate content problems.)


Is this multiplication of keyword-based landing pages a good practise? Or is it useless overkill, because after all a customer looking for a short-term apartment can also be converted by a page that mixes terminology, and  for landing page QS, because Google understands that apartment and rental are closely related in semantics.


Please advise.


Thanks for your help.



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Re: Is one landing page per kephrase variation overkill?

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Hello Alex;

I don't see the much added value / benefit of different tailored page  for the same service, based on keywords.

In terms of QS, you major component is the CTR. So, trying to manipulate / modify  the QS based on keywords on the landing page, is a practice that is long over...


What I would do - if you have an ad group for exact match KWs, is to have a "tightly themed" ad-copy for those keywords. Thus, having a more appealing / unique  ad-copy, which is "tightly themed" to the search query. (And by that try to improve the CTR).



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Re: Is one landing page per kephrase variation overkill?

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Hi Alex,

AS far as what is done goes, this is a bit excessive. Not because its bad but because of the scope of the task. It is just not financially beneficial to create 1200 landing pages all tailored to single keywords.

That being said, if you have the ability to do it, then it is certainly helpful. Message match and congruence play a large role in CRO.

With respect to QS, it will not play a huge difference, in that your QS will not go from 5 to 8 because you changed the headline of your landing page.

Have you considered Dynamic keyword insertion on your landing page? If all you are looking at doing is changing the headline according to keyword this is a cost and time effective alternative.

But as said earlier, I would rather suggest spending your time elsewhere and testing other aspects of your landing page that can potentially generate a larger increase in ROI.
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Re: Is one landing page per kephrase variation overkill?

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Thanks guys.

Yes, my Adgroups are tightly themed already, which allows correspondingly thightly themed ads and hence good CTR (and hence good QS: most are either 7 or 8).

In order to get some important keywords to a QS of 9, I'm working on the landing pages (speed, clarity, semantics, etc).

I was actually thinking of only deploying near-duplicate landing pages (not just different titles, but different body copy) for, say, my top 5 to 10 keywords, that contribute a disproportionate amount to my campaign spending and ROI.

I guess I conclude that it's helpful but not a huge factor, so I'm probably right to keep it to only a handful of adgroups / landing pages.

Great tip about the DKI on landing page ; I didn't know about that and will certainly test it!