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Is my website driving my customers away?

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I am paying out the wazoo for adwords.  I have a DJ/Entertainment/Event service and I am receving on average 10 clicks a day.  But clicks don't do me any good.  Phone calls and e-mails inquiring me for quotes is what I am looking for.  Better yet, I am looking to get contracts and bookings from the phone calls and e-mails.


But it seems as if for every 20 clicks I get 4 calls/emails.  Those are 16 leads that didn't bother to do anything except look.


My keywords are set up correctly to the "T".  I am 100% sure the people clicking my ad are people that are definitely interested in what I offer.


Here is my landing page for every ad:


It is a website coded in flash (and I have omitted my ads being displayed on mobile phones,  so the clicks are not from people who do not have a flash compatible device)


So far,  adwords has been a bad investment for me.


To date,  I have spent $1,000.00  and my only return was a $500.00 party I booked.  leaving me at -$500.00.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Is my website driving my customers away?

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Hi Stavros,


In my opinion your flash and music on your website are hindering you.


First, the flash has long opener. Most people decided if they are going to stay in the first 8 seconds and if half of that time they are looking at a load screen you aren't doing yourself any favors.


Second, the auto play music. I would take a look at when people are viewing your website. If people are viewing your website at work and music starts playing the very next thing they are going to do is click close. If you want music, make it so the user has to click a button to play it. Any kind of media that has sounds should always be started by the user not when the page first loads up. 

Re: Is my website driving my customers away?

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Hi Stavros,


Yes, your site is very slow to load. I think 8 seconds is a bit generous in terms of the amount of time a visitor takes to decide to say on your site. It's probably more like 4 seconds.


The Flash is nice and all, but it is resource intensive, takes too long to load, won't contribute much to your QS and the first page is a splash page. Splash pages went out of style for most businesses at least 5 years ago. It's just an extra click.


There's not all that much going on on your site that it couldn't be just as nice with straight HTML. And a landing page designed to go along with your ad campaign could be a big plus for you.


Best of Luck!




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