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Is it worth switching on Conversion Optimiser if Adwords suggests it.

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I am wondering with the new enhanced settings if it is worth switching on Conversion Optimsizer as AdWords is suggesting it. 


The results for my campaign over the past 30 days are

374 clicks

3,381 impression


Average CPC $1.06

Average ad position 2.2

22 conversions

cost /conversion $18.03

conversion rate (1 per click) 5.88%

My question is how will conversion optimizer improve the campaign, will I notice a dramatic decrease in the cost /conversion? 


Thanks in advance.








Re: Is it worth switching on Conversion Optimiser if Adwords suggests

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Hi Nadia and welcome,


Conversion optimiser has different results (positive and negative) for everyone and really the only way to see if it works well for your campaigns is to try it out and see how well it performs.


From my own experience I would think I have had around an 85% success rate in conversion optimiser making a good difference in campaigns.


The more data it has the quicker you can see the differences but normally it's been 3 weeks (with a dip at the beginning) and then you see the results so you can't just turn it on for a few days and expect the world to change.  15 conversions is the minimum and you are a bit over that so there is no reason why you couldn't give it a try and see if it will work for you.


You are always able to switch back to manual bidding and the CPC's get set back to what they were when you originally did the switch. But like I mentioned, it's not instant and can take a while to pick up and really get going.


Conversion optimizer works by analyzing your past conversion history, like location, time of day etc and adjusts the bids accordingly when it think a conversion is likely to happen.


Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions.

Re: Is it worth switching on Conversion Optimiser if Adwords suggests

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Thank you Adam!