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Is it possible to use modified broad in this special way?

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for a special trick, and maybe some of you would have an idea.


I'm running a test for the last 2 weeks with 2 keywords in a phrase match "kw1 kw2". I'm realizing that I have no conversion whatsoever on the exact match but I have many with the phrase match.


So really my question is, would it be possible to refuse exact match and do something like : +kw1 +kw2 +anything-else? Or negative the exact match and use +kw1 +kw2? My outcome here is just to not accept impressions on the exact match of "kw1 kw2"


Thanks in advance


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Re: Is it possible to use modified broad in this special way?

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I;m not so sure how you came in to conclusion that exact match will not give conversions but phrase match will bring conversion in same pattern,

But to answer u r question yes you can add negative exact match of kw1, kw2 but make it trigger to kw1+kw2+something else.

Re: Is it possible to use modified broad in this special way?

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Hi Raphael,

I agree with Nisal on this. You can add 'kw1 kw2' as an exact negative to ensure you do not receive any impressions for that particular matchtype variation. But, adding this as an exact negative should be a calculated decision as it may very well stop the inflow of the most relevant set of audiences to your website.

In my experience and I think others would agree here, Exact Matchtype keywords tend to bring in the most relevant of audiences and relevant leads. Suppose if you were running a campaign for which qualified leads were most important and you had access to the back end data on the leads, you would find that although Phrase or Broad matchtypes would bring in more leads, Exact matchtypes would have higher qualification rate.

This is not an ideal scenario and need not be true in your case but I thought it was important for you to know that Matchtypes do matter and that thoroughly testing them and checking back on their qualification is more important. Also, Exact matchtype because of its higher relevancy will have a lower CPC as compared to Phrase or Broad as a result when you do start recording conversions, you should record them at much lower CPA's.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Is it possible to use modified broad in this special way?

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Hi Raphael, it's certainly possible to use Keywords in such a way that only search terms that extend the Keyword will match, and you can do this using either modified Broad or Phrase match and an Exact match negative.  For example, if you had the Keyword +red +shoes, and the negative [red shoes], your Keywords could match on:


red shoes online

buy red shoes

shoes for sale red


but not for


red shoes


As for whether the exact match is always more relevant, that really depends upon the Keyword itself.  For example, if you sold red shoes in an online store, the MBM +red +shoes +online is clearly quite a lot more relevant than the exact match [red], which could refer to anything.  However, as the other replies have said, do make sure you're not restricting your traffic too heavily using the exact negative.  Someone searching for "red shoes online" is almost certainly looking to buy shoes online, but that doesn't mean someone who searches for "red shoes" is not looking to buy online.  You'll need to look at the data over time to check how valuable each Keyword is.



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Re: Is it possible to use modified broad in this special way?

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Hello everyone,


First of all thanks for all your feedbacks I appreciate it.


So negativing the exact match worked thanks! I know my situation may look weird, I would have said the same hehe. Let me give you a little bit more details so you guys can understand it.


I'm in a very competitive niche and the [kw1 kw2] is actually a very general term, so I'm triggering a lot of un-qualified prospects, and they cost me about $20 per clic. But that general term added of any other related keywords, makes it more targeted and bring me more qualified prospects. 


On the last weeks tests, in the search term report, the exact match was never converting whatsoever, and all the other conversion has been from a kw1 kw2 kw3 and sometime with kw4 kw5 kw6. So now by negativing my [kw1 kw2], I'm only getting more targeted clics and not eat my budget on non qualified prospects.


Hope it's more clear hehe

Thanks again, have a great week ahead!