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Is There Anyone Who Offers Re-marketing Services?

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Is there anyone out there who offers a service to aid in designing or constructing re-marketing cookies?  I am interested in this concept, but don't fully understand how to implement it.  I would be willing to pay for someone to perform this service or teach me how to do it myself.

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Is Anyone Familiar With The Term "Re-Marketing?"

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I recently read an article that referred to the practice of remarketing.  Apparently, it involves putting a cookie on a user's computer that permits your ad to be shown on that computer whenever a different ad appears (or something like that).  I didn't quite understand it, but would like to learn more.  Does anyone know anything about this concept, and would you share it with us?

Re: Is There Anyone Who Offers Re-marketing Services?

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Hello JoeTheAuthor; welcome;

Check this article on "remarketing" by one of our Top Contributors , Kim


google adwords remarketing


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Re: Is Anyone Familiar With The Term "Re-Marketing?"

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Hello JoeTheAuthor,


Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


Remarketing is indeed a vital part of advanced strategy in the Google Display Network to re-target your users who have visited your site earlier but have not taken any actions in the sense that they didn't bought anything, filled up a contact form or registered at your site etc...


Google gives you option to re-target that segment of users using this phenomenal technique called Remarketing.


To give you more insights on this, I would encourage you to read this informative article and this one explaining how remarketing works.


Happy Reading!


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Re: Is There Anyone Who Offers Re-marketing Services?

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Hello, Joe.


In addition to Moshe's link to Kim's article, you may want to have a look at this Google Analytics help section:


Not long ago Google has introduced what I could call "advanced & simplified remarketing". Advanced, because there are way more possibilities than before, when you had to create one remarketing tag for each list, and only had limited combinations available. Simplified, because all it takes now is a small change in the Analytics script code (and some privacy policies that need to be updated, to let your visitors know what you're tracking), not one tag for each list.


If you start with that document you can quickly get an idea regarding all the possibilities available. From then on, if you know exactly your remarketing scenarios ("all visitors who came to your site three or more times, completed specific goals, and spent more than $100 between November 1 and November 7": you can now implement them with less hassle.


Good luck!

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