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Is REALLY your position important for the account QS? CTR or ECTR?

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Google Partner employers have told me different stories.

Many say: "you should turn of campaigns/ads/keywords with a low CTR". Because it effects negative the account Quality Score (QS). 


But is this really true??
I also heard Google uses Effective Click Trough Rate (ECTR) instead of CTR. So if your ads shows up on position 6, it's normal you have a low CTR compared with the ad that shows up on position 1 right? Maybe even if the relevance of the ad on position 6 is better than the the ad on position 1.


I have clients with ads/keywords which have a bad ROI on position 1 tot 3, but a good ROI on position 5 to 8. They have a low CTR. I assume Google uses ECTR and not CTR to calculate the Account (and maybe even Keyword) QS.


Who knows if my assumption is right?

And is the strategy of keep on running these ads with a good ROI. Or should I turn them off?


I hope some people knows the inside/out.


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Re: Is REALLY your position important for the account QS? CTR or ECTR?

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There are various discussions that goes around ad rank, how effective it is to showcase ads on top positions etc...


I would say that the best judge of the AdWords account is the one who is actually managing the account and knows what works and what not. Its you actually.


So if you know that your ads are performing good at low positions, why would you try and improvise them to show up on top. It might help you or might not. Pros could be that your ads might start showing up on higher positions with increase in number of conversions. Cons could be that it might be possible that your average CPC increases, your number of conversions goes down and CPA also increases. So, you will have to experiment and find the right place  or position where your ads are getting good conversions, whether you are able to maintain CPA with expected conversion volume as well.


Low CTR simply means that your ads are getting good number of impressions but people are not clicking it and leading to low CTR. You might change the text of the ad and see if that improves CTR. Also see if low CTR is due to the keyword matching option and try another match type.


My Thoughts!


Re: Is REALLY your position important for the account QS? CTR or ECTR?

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Hi Pankaj,
Yes, I agree with you. Still I hope someone really knows if Google Adwords is using CTR or ECTR. Because a low CTR not only have to do with the Ad text and keyword matching, but also for the position. If Google uses ECTR instead of CTR, they take away this influence and yes, than it comes to improve your advertising text and keyword matching.

The reason Google Partner employers tell me I have to aim for top positions, might be because they have a target the let companies spent as much as money as possible in the first 3 months. Because this is the period they work on accounts. They sell it as 'free advise' but I have strongly the idea it actually is disguised sales. I can be wrong. But I get strongly this idea because they only focus on high position, without questioning what the ratio cost and revenue may be.
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Re: Is REALLY your position important for the account QS? CTR or ECTR?

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Hi @Gerjan S,


if you focus on best ROI, maybe a lower position is better. But it's also important to have high conversion volume. As you can see a ROI of almost 80.000.000% is not a problem to achieve, but there is only one conversion. Excellent ROI doesn't mean excellent Sales!



Officially, there is not such thing as account QS, but all advertisers agree that account history has played a role (even Google confirms that, explaining QS influencers:

  • Your ad's expected CTR: This is based in part on your ad's historical clicks and impressions (excluding factors such as ad position, extensions, and other formats that may have affected the visibility of an ad that someone previously clicked)

This was more important until Google changed the QS for new / added KW to six. Read this interesting articles:


Effective (eCTR) was used in display auction comparing CPM and CPC to even the odds between CPM and CPC bidding ( There is also a scale of different CTR for different ad position, but the conversion rate is not very effected by ad position:


And yes, pausing low CTR KW is a one of the basic optimizing tactic.



Re: Is REALLY your position important for the account QS? CTR or ECTR?

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Hi @mvarga,


Thanks for your reply. This answers my questions. I will read the articles you have listed in your reply.