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Is My Campaign Structure Restricting Impressions?

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Hey everyone, 

I'm having a bit of trouble with some of my accounts getting just a trickle of impressions. Here is how i've been setting up a standard campaigns. 


- 100 to 200 keywords per campaign.


- Each keyword has its own individual Adgroup with BMM & Exact match variation (SKAG setup)

- 2 ads per adgroup with the keyword stuffed into both ad copies. 


I end up with what one would expect to be a pretty solid campaign setup - and my quality scores are usually in the 7,8, 9, 10 region. The only problem is that sometimes the impressions just trickle in, sometimes less than 100 impressions a day, which is soul destroying honestly. When i go to check on the keyword status of an adgroup, both keywords in the adgroup have the error "Another creative in the ad group was selected over this one". This happens for A LOT of the adgroups.


Has anyone come across this before? Any idea what might be happening?

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Is My Campaign Structure Restricting Impressions?

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Impression volume is impacted by a number of factors, not just the way your ad groups are structured.  For many campaigns, 100 to 200 impressions per day is all that exist. 


What is your geo-targeting, how big of population area are you targeting?

What is your bid strategy?  You could simply be bidding below the market.  Suggest you try running the ad preview and diagnostic tool, from the Tools menu. 


Phrase and exact match are precise forms of targeting; in some markets it is necessary to go beyond that into modified broad match or even broad match. 


How exhaustive was your keyword research?  Do you know for sure you have the keywords which are used to search for your product/service? Modified broad match keywords have the advantage they can "discover" unanticipated keywords, if you monitor what matches against them in the search stream. 



Re: Is My Campaign Structure Restricting Impressions?

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Hi @Chris R


SKAG can be a conflicting setup if you are not using embedded negatives properly. Let's take an example based on your scenario of Exact + BMM -


Adgroup one - keywords - [blue widgets], +blue +widgets

Adgroup two - keywords - [buy blue widgets], +buy +blue +widgets


Now let's assume somebody searches for blue widgets. 


Here, ads from both the adgroups will become eligible to show initially. But as the system needs to pick one for the final auction, there will be an internal auction to decide which one to take to the final auction. 


This is where system will throw the following message -


Another creative in the ad group was selected over this one.


How to cope with it?


In the second adgroup or any other adgroup with conflicting keywords, use negatives. The second adgroup can have  [blue widgets] as the negative so that an ad for [blue widgets] triggers only from the first adgroup. Similarly, [buy blue widgets] can be added as negatives for the first adgroup, so that ad triggers only from the second adgroup for it.


SKAG is not an advisable setup. At least, I don't advise it. It takes a lot of time managing it effectively. A theme based structure can be made to perform better. However, if you know what you are doing and why, use negatives properly to avoid inner-fighting. If there's a lot of conflicts, the exposure is bound is decrease than to increase. 


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Is My Campaign Structure Restricting Impressions?

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Hey Steve & Ratan, 


Thanks for your responses. 


Steve - The geo targetting is small, its for a car mechanic in a ajor city adn we're using 5km radius targeting. Because of this setup ad preview tool doesnt work (cause we're not targeting the whole city). Our KW research was pretty thorough, we've covered all major car brands and cross mixed them with terms like "car service" " car servicing" etc and we are currently using BMM, however i think that exact may be blocking some many of the BMM keywords. 


Ratan - Ah yes, ive heard of embedded negatives before, but havnt really implemented them, guess that makes sense that it would block conflicts between adgroups. I had just assumed that the conflict was within the adgroup, so between [blue widgets] & +blue +widgets if someone was to search for 'blue widgets', but yeah it could obviously be between KW's in different adgroups.


Yes i've been using SKAGS the last few months, sometimes they perform well and other times the traffic flow is minimal, so you're suggesting to do as gogle suggests and have 10-20 kw's per adgroup with a relevant ad copy or two for each one?

Is My Campaign Structure Restricting Impressions?

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"we're using 5km radius targeting..."


Chris, imo that is likely going to cause you problems. In my experience, radius-based targeting tends to break down in accuracy below a 10 or 20 mile radius.  I recommend you target by zip code. You can leave the radius-based targeting as an "overlay" (multiple geo targeting which is redundant, is OK).  If it were my shop/campaign i would set it to at least a 10 mile radius.


AdWords can be great for auto repair.  As I'm sure you know auto repair is often an "emergency purchase", a quick decision is made after a search.  So keep at it!


hth and best of luck.