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Irrelevant search terms triggering my ads despite my negatives

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Hey guys,


I'm a bit clueless about this issue. In the past, adding broad negative kws ensured to avoid irrelevant terms to trigger ads. Nowadays I see that some terms which eventually go through. On Adwords help page regarding negative it's stipulated:


"add synonyms, singular or plural versions, misspellings, and other close variations if you want to exclude them"


Do you guys know other exceptions as to me Google's been opening the floodgates for irrelevant terms to trigger ads.



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Irrelevant search terms triggering my ads despite my negatives

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Hi @Grég D,


Though I would not put it the way you did the answer is positive. The targeting scope was widened a bit recently to help advertisers reach their audience more easily and this forum received both positive and less positive feedback in this regard. That's an industry-wide trend currently that advertisers are advised to consider appropriately. In a nutshell: you are not the only one.




Re: Irrelevant search terms triggering my ads despite my negatives

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Hi @Grég D,


There's a chance you've already seen this article, but here's a highlight from it:


"The biggest difference is that negative broad match won’t exclude queries that are synonyms or close variations of the negative keyword. It will only exclude queries that include all words within a keyword, irrespective of the order in which the words appear."


There's two direct ways to tackle this. You can either look to tighten your keywords (in terms of match type and / or how broad the term is), or you can keep on top of your search term report and keep adding negative keywords as they appear. I've personally been applying more focus on my search term reports and found that I can eventually spend less and less time once a negative keyword list becomes extensive enough.


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