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Invalid click issue, it's not only about the billing

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In my campaign, the invalid click rate is > 80%, which is very high. I have contacted Google Adwords regarding this matter and they only said that : "In case invalid clicks we trust our system, you will not be charged for those clicks"


Come on... it's not only about the billing, with those very high invalid click rate I cannot get reliable information about the traffic of my site since google analytics and my web statistic don't use the same filter as Adwords does, instead the count all the visitors. Therefore their statistic reports become meaningless. For instance, google analytic reported that the returning visitors of my site is about 50%, it does not mean that I have loyal consumers but it is because those invalid clicks who click back and back.


How is actually Google's policy in dealing with those bad publishers? Do they have policy to ban bad publishers?


I contacted Google Adwords second time but they haven't responded till now.


Invalid clicks is not only about the billing but it also take our right of reliable information Smiley Sad


Note: My campaign target location is Indonesia, hopefully Adwords Indonesia read this and make sufficient actions to protect advertiser's rights. I guess there are many bad publishers there.

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September 2015

Re: Invalid click issue, it's not only about the billing

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Hi Rahayu P,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


80% is literally is a very high rate. But thanks to the AdWords system, you can be sure that your money is not being wasted and you pay only for valid clicks. 


Having said that, there are ways to dive deep into it and to ensure a lesser number of such clicks. 


The first thing to me would be identifying and correcting low-conversion areas in the account. Once identify low conversion areas and fix them, it will eventually work towards identifying potential areas of invalid activity and minimizing it.


For instance, if i am targeting display network based on keywords, I will find out the conversion and CTR rate for individual keywords. It will give me an idea about which keyword is attracting clicks but lesser or no conversion. May be my keywords are too broad.


Once, I find them, I would pause them and will add more targeted keywords. Obviously, it will work towards minimizing invalid clicks as well. 


Secondly, digging into Placement report, I can do the same analysis and can find the placements that give higher rates of clicks but lesser conversion, I may consider excluding them from the campaign to keep invalid activities at bay. 


Thirdly, the performance of display and search network can also be compared to find out comparative CTR and conversion rate. No doubt, display network might have lower CTR in comparison with Search Network, but if it is too less and the conversion is much lesser as well, I may consider tweaking the Ad Copies, and minimizing the budget for DN. 


In short, it's not merely about the AdWords system, the invalid clicks can be minimized by proper optimization of the account. AdWords is doing its part by not charging for such clicks, and I believe it's a great relief. 


To know how Google deals with Invalid Click Activities and how  Advertisers are Protected, you may read these articles:


Hope it helps.




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