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International Product Listing Ads

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I am US based but I want to show Product Listing Ads internationally.  We do a good volume of international business and have successful international seach campaigns.  Is there a way to do PLA ads outside the US?  Would a new merchant center account or feed need to be created specifically for this type of campaign?

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September 2015

Re: International Product Listing Ads

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Hi phdm,


I think this article covers your question:


It sure looks like you define the country target when you add a new feed. There doesn't appear to be anyway to change that once you add the feed.


The feed must be provided in the local language of the target country, and prices must be in local currency. I'm not sure how many countries you can target for PLAs at this point. I would imagine only those countries that appear on the drop down selector on the Products page in GMC.



Best of Luck!




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