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Interesting state of programmatic...

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This is an opinion post.

I've seen a few different times as an advertiser, users taking screenshots of our ads showing on political sites and sending a message that our company is funding hate. Our programmatic advertising through AdWords Google Display Network is following users and their activity either through remarketing or similar audiences. I've made sure that our brand safety is categorized, but it is an interesting concept that seems more relevant now than ever - do you block content that you may disagree with?


I wanted to get more opinions on this and was curious if others have had similar experiences.

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Interesting state of programmatic...

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Hi @Erikaa,


Thank you very much for creating this topic. The answer is: Yes and No. AdWords often times blocks inappropriate contents, however, the primary reason is not disagreement, but user experience. They typically fall into one of these categories:


* Dangerous or derogatory content

* Shocking content

* Sensitive events

* Animal cruelty


You may wish to learn more on them on this help page:


***   Inappropriate content   ***


Unfortunately enforcement is not always 100% perfect, however, I am sure it's a top priority for Google to increase efforts to that end.




Interesting state of programmatic...

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Hello there;

This is a good question

As @Lakatos already mentioned ads are checked through a rigorous policy requirements ads and sites must comply with. In terms of the policy all advertisers are equal. Ads are disapproved or sites are suspended  only if a violation of a criterion is found.

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Interesting state of programmatic...

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Sorry if I mislead the conversation but this was more in reference to efforts like these from specific organizations taking screenshots of where your ads are being placed and asking you to exclude the site because of the content that is on it. I want to be impartial to what our users are viewing - but am intrigued how other advertisers have responded.


Interesting state of programmatic...

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This type of inquiry can be helpful and/or it can roll off the cliff rather fast, too.  


Each business and advertiser is in full control of their advertising, just as they are in what they eat for lunch. While some will give in to protests to not eat meat or not eat veggies (yes, they exist)... it is a decision each person/entity has to make on their own. There is no right or wrong answer that fits all. It's no different than finding the most comfortable bed... where comfort is subjective and one product absolutely will not satisfy everyone.


This thread is not based on a help inquiry, which is the basis of our existence. This thread is better suited for Facebook, G+, blogs and platforms like that.


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