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Interesting question regarding advertising a forum

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I am advertsing a forum on a niche topic.


I am advertising a forum via ads (Although some of the keywords have low quality scores, they are all very specific to this niche)

Now, do I directly link the ad to the forum home page, or some high quality article/post inside?

Does this matter?

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September 2015

Re: Interesting question regarding advertising a forum

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HI d_tea,


I think this depends on what you are trying to achieve. Personally if the ads said forum i'd expect to go there, not to an article page.


Are you doing this to try and help the quality scores? If you are sending people to an article page to try and improve the QS's you need to think about adding that extra step in for anyone that did want a forum page. First impressions are extremely important so you want to make sure you don't lose the visitor by sending them to the wrong page.


It might be worth setting up a campaign experiment sending 50% of the traffic to one page and the 50% to the other. I've done this in the past to check landing pages against each other. 


What I did was duplicate my adgroups in one campaign, leaving the exisiting adgroup as the control and the duplicate is the experiment. The experimental adgroups all used the test landing page. Set the campaign settings to 50/50 and run it for a month and measure the results. 


Campaign experiments are a bit of an advanced feature so maybe read up on them here before trying them out.

Re: Interesting question regarding advertising a forum

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I agree with purefuzz;

If you are advertising in a niche market, direct all users to the home page. The home page  should be attractive and relevant, to attract users to explore the blog further, and read the articles.

Work on the ad-copy to target the audience of you your niche market.

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