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Interest to Topic (Display)

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Recently AdWords made a change regards to Interest (you cannot target World Localities anymore) so I used Topics instead to target (World Localities) and after that change my traffic DIED and after 2 months it wont recover.


Just wondering if any one know a fix to it.


Thank you.

Re: Interest to Topic (Display)

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Hi @G3 T,

Welcome to ad-words community,


I am not eligible to see your campaign and it's setting but I would like to know about this time their is any combo is active? like placement + keywords + re-marketing etc.


As experienced, one time I also used more than one targeting option in my display campaign and I have not got any single clicks because use of more than 1 targeting option make campaign as narrow targeted and no click or impression possibilities increase.


So please it one time more.


Second as say: you have not earn more benefits form topic targeting. A reason assume that due to deep topics targeting like "category::Arts & Entertainment>Offbeat>Edgy & Bizarre" you have not find best result


same problem come more time with deep targeted topics that if they have not relate to more audience then not find any results.





Re: Interest to Topic (Display)

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No combo (i never combine) I always make 1 ad group for one type of targeting method.

I am selling Long Distance service (for example cheap calls to Pakistan) to many countries. So I used (category::World Localities>Asia>South Asia>Pakistan) in (Interests & remarketing) before the update all worked great but after the update I shifted to Topics using the same formula (category::World Localities>Asia>South Asia>Pakistan) and nothing.

What I did now as a test is increased the CPA converted clicks by 100%, maybe that will help.