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Increasing CPC strategy: Is this even possible?

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Here it is. I am gonna try to explain, but it may take a while.


Let's assume that I have my CPC set at 0.50 max. At this price google is selling me 1500 clicks per day, at an average cost of 0.50 (just to make it easy). I want to raise my CPC to $1.00, without losing the clicks I have been purchasing for $0.50. At 1.00, twice the price I have been paying before, google will now be selling me clicks at a higher average. But how can I continue getting the 1500 clicks at the 0.50, and on top of that start getting clicks at a higher range 0.50-1.00 as well. 


Hope this makes sense. 

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Re: Increasing CPC strategy: Is this even possible?

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I believe I follow you Boris

You'd like to keep getting your current clicks at their current price, and get additional clicks likely at a higher cost

Of course it's against policy to show multiple Ads at once for the same business...

Let me ask you a few simple questions just to make sure we're covering our bases and I have a more clear understanding of where you are at

1) What are your goals?  To get more total clicks?
2) Are you currently hitting your budget
3) Why would you like to achieve higher position (likely answered above)


-Justin Fuchs

Re: Increasing CPC strategy: Is this even possible?

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You got it!

1. The goal is to get more clicks, but the only thing left is increasing the budget. Everything else has been tried.
2. I am not hitting my budget. Only reaching about 20% of it. I am buying as many clicks at that price as possible.
3. I don't need higher position. I want to get some clicks at a higher cost, without jeopardizing what I already have going.

Re: Increasing CPC strategy: Is this even possible?

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Hi @Boris R


Welcome to the community!


To your question, I think it's possible, but not always guaranteed.


Let's say when you set $0.5 as keyword max CPC, your ad rank no.3 in the search page and you get 1500 clicks a day as average. When you bid higher to $1.00 like you said, obviously you ad rank will goes higher - let's say it move to no.2 in the placement.


Now you will have two results - one is you get even more clicks than 1500 because your ad rank higher so more please notice than and feel interested to click..


Or, it still could be in another way around - that for some reason you ad is become less appealing in a higher ad placement so the clicks get less. I've met cases like this severals times than no.4, no.5 ads has a much better performance than those no.1 ads in terms of ROI e.g. cost per conversion.


In a short, like @Justin F asked - if you merely looking for more clicks, I'm sure there is a great chance that your $0.50 - 1.00 bid will have more clicks than $0.5 in a usual conditions.


Hope this helps!




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Re: Increasing CPC strategy: Is this even possible?

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Gotcha.  If you believe you're getting the most clicks at your current bids and position then your CTR is probably pretty good!  I'm assuming your Quality Scores are as well then?

If they are, you may be surprised that increasing your bids may give you higher position (and therefore likely clicks) without much a cost increase.

I know this doesn't achieve exactly what you are trying to, but it could be an increase in clicks period.

Don't worry about jeopardizing what you currently have going, as in the current good CPCs you have achieved in increasing bids.  Thankfully AdWords isn't that fickle and we as advertisers are expected to make changes and test changes.  And with your good performance history and quality scores you would be fine.  If you use the same Ad Copy and return to the original max CPCs you will likely get the same CTR and QS (and thus CPCs).

In case you haven't checked this out, I believe looking at the "Top vs. Other" segment option to see performance data in Ads that ran above organic results versus Ads that didn't will be pretty telling and helpful for you

You can see a bit more detail about this segment and other at the following page,
The "Top v Other" is at the end of the page

I hope this helps!

-Justin Fuchs

Re: Increasing CPC strategy: Is this even possible?

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@Boris R

The fundamental question here is how do you know that you are loosing clicks;

For that, the best would be the Lost impression share metric (I prefer the exact match lost share - which is a better indication to the ads performing.)  If this is below 10% - don't make any changes.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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