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Increasing Bid = Lower Impressions?

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Hi All,


Just a quick question/observation reguarding Bids & Impressions.

I was receiving an average number of impressions for my Ad Group Bids.  I decided to increase my bids (by about 20%-30% and in some cases as much as 50%) and I've noticed a significant drop in impressions.

I don't have any penalties or anything so I was wondering why my impressions dropped instead of increasing with my increased bids?  Does increasing the bids reset my history or something causing the drop in impressions?


My average impressions before my increased bid was stable so I don't think that a dramatic increase of advertisers using the particular keywords has taken place.  It's only been 2 days since my increase but I thought I'd see an almost immediate impact (-3hr delay in reporting).

I'm tempted to reduce my bids just to get the impression volume back (LOL).

Thoughts or Suggestions??

Thanks In Advance,



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Re: Increasing Bid = Lower Impressions?

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Hi RPquest,


You are absolutely correct because in typical cases higher bids should entail a higher number of impressions. Under some scenarios, however, when your daily budget is not very large you may find that higher bids entail a higher actual CPC and a higher CTR% whereby your spendable daily budget can easily be depleted by Google without letting you accrue a comperatively higher number of impressions.




Re: Increasing Bid = Lower Impressions?

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Hi RPquest,

Did you add any negative keywords/Ads after increasing the keyword bids.

Check the change history. if you did any other changes revert the changes and check.