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Increase AdWords Conversions - Location Targeting helps. Example: Local pizza business

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Local businesses and advertising strategy

Location Targeting

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Location Insertion


Hi All,


As a step to help local businesses succeed in online advertising with AdWords, let's discuss a business scenario. 


Assume I'm Bob and that I'm a local business owner selling pizzas. I'd like to get more sales from online advertising and am exploring different advertising strategies for this. 


Now, I'd suggest each of you to go ahead and help Bob with a good, professional advertising strategy. Budget is not an issue for Bob if he is convinced of the strategy. Assume Bob doesn't know much about the AdWords terminology. So make sure you explain what needs to be done, to achieve what and what features/tools in online advertising and AdWords will help him achieve that. 


Go ahead, help Bob, the pizza business owner. Bob promises to send a surprise to the best adverting strategy!




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Re: Local pizza business looking for advertising strategy - let's help - the best strategy wins.

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Hi Mini,


Bob has quite a lot of advanced features that will help him be successful online. 


First, we need to think about the types of people we need to get the ads seen by.

1 – People looking for pizza straight away or for later that day
2 – Do they search from their desktop, tablet or mobile?

3 - Which locations does Bob service?


Then we need to look at Bob’s operating/opening hours. Can he take order before the store is open for pickup/delivery once open?


Let’s assume Bob is open from 11am – 11pm and has a brisbane pizza store


Desktop, tablet and mobile users search in a slightly different way so I’d recommend have 2 campaigns to start off with so you can adjust each campaigns setting accordingly. One campaign for desktop and tablet users and another mobile specific campaign.


A few things we need to try and get right from the beginning. Are we tracking it all? Get conversion tracking enabled and link the account to your google analytics account so we can see what happens to all this great traffic we are sending to the site.


Desktop & tablet campaign


First we need to think about the keywords people use to find your services. You will be able to think of a lot of them but you can also use the keyword tool to help get more ideas. You'll end up with a lot of generic keywords like


pizza delivery

order pizza

pizza store

pizza online


We also want to find keywords that aren't relevant to your business so we can add them as negative keywords  to help prevent your ads showing up to irrelevant searches. In this case we may want to be adding terms like recipe, recipes, free, tips, job, jobs and maybe coupon and coupons if you don't do them.


Then think about your service area. Which locations would people be appending to these more generic search phrases. pizza delivery brisbane, brisbane pizza store. We will need to set the location targeting at the campaign level so we can target our ads to people within Bob's service area.


I'd receommend creating a new adgroup for each specific geographic location with the location appended so you are able to write ad copy thats more relevant to users in those areas. You'll then be able to write an ad title like, Pizza Delivery Brisbane which is very relevant to someone in that area.


We can then use ad scheduling to decide on when we want to display your ads. If you can't take order before the store opens we can set the campaigns to start at 11am stop them when you can't take orders anymore, say 10pm (1 hour before closing) This means your ads will only be displayed to users when you are open and ready to take orders minimising any wasted budget on serving ads when you are not open.


Another good feature to use would be location extensions. These can help the user find out where you are more easily from the ad itself as it adds your address and contact number below the ad.


Also, take advantage of sitelinks (link is perfect as it shows an example pizza store) to help get additional information into the ad. (note: make sure all sitelinks point to different URL's. Policy was just tightened in this area). Maybe put your special offers page in, your location page etc.


Mobile campaign


You can pretty much take a duplicate of your desktop and tablet campaign and make some adjustments to make it a bit more mobile friendly. You need to go into the campaign settings and change the devices you want to target. Select just mobile for this mobile campaign, More info on mobile specific campaigns


Your keywords and AdGroups can remain pretty much the same but we may want to send the traffic through to a mobile friendly landing page so they have the best user experience as possible on your site. Mobile users don't like pinching and zooming so you want the page to be displayed correctly on their smaller screens. A Google Think Performance Mobile Insights One-Sheet




The keywords will perform differently to the search and tablet campaigns so you can control these separately in your mobile campaign.


I'd make sure to be utilizing the mobile click to call extensions in your mobile campaign. If someone is on their phone, they are likely to click your phone number from the ad and call you to order. This can be a great way to increase your campaigns performance.


This should get Bob off to a good start. Have I missed much?

Re: Local pizza business looking for advertising strategy - let's help - the best strategy wins.

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Hi Mini,


Purefuzz, Already covered most of it excellently. Without repeating what has been already said!


Firstly I would say you can create three campaigns to start with with Search Network.


1) General Keywords Campaign which is explained by Purefuzz already.

2) Competitors Campaign: This is very competitive marketplace. Here you can target competitors names in your area for example pizza, pizzahut,pizzahut coupon, dominos, dominos coupon, papajohns. I know competing with pizzahut and dominos are really tough but as per my experience people usually type store name when looking for Pizza. I myself do that always.

3) Branded keywords: I would also advice you to create branded keywords campaign. With keywords only related to your brand name.



Then I beleive specially it would be great if you can offer something. I personally when ever order pizza I type in google Pizza hut coupons, pizza hut discount and alwayz found some great deals that allow me 20-25% discount on total billing. This encourage me to look for offer everytime I order Pizza online.


Add trademark or registered symbol in Adcopy Headline if any. Headline will look like PizzaXXX® Official Site - It will impact more on users about the authencity of your store.




Also I beleive Dynamic Keyword Insertion in adcopies will be helpful. You can read more on DKi here.



Then I would suggest to add Social extension if you have it. Read more here



Lastly, If you will go to user articles tab, you can read very useful stuff. 



Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Local pizza business looking for advertising strategy - let's help - the best strategy wins.

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Thanks for such a great article here. I was searching for something like this for quite a long time and at last I’ve found it on your blog. It was definitely interesting for me to read about web applications and their market situation nowadays. thanks one more time and keep posting such nice ones in the nearest future too.

Re: Local pizza business looking for advertising strategy - let's help - the best strategy wins.

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If budget is no issue for Bob, he may as well try some display ads. Especially now that keywords can be used to target display ads much better than in the past, he could use both pizza-related keywords but also keywords related to takeaway foodrestaurantscateringpizza recipes, etc.


If the targeted area would be small enough for Bob to be able to deliver to, I think that some great photos of some juicy pizza slices, with the cheese stretching from the slice to the rest of the pizza, a bit of reflection from the freshly sprinkled olive oil and just a bit of steam rising slowly from it could convince people to try his pizza.




Of course, the ads should clearly say that people can get it just around the corner, or it can be delivered to them in a very short time.


Also, image search ads could also be used. You know, Bob, those less used search ads, where you see a small image and some text next to it, in Google Image search (


Give it a try, Bob, while I order a pizza from the nearby restaurant Smiley Happy.


Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: Local pizza business looking for advertising strategy - let's help - the best strategy wins.

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Lots of great ideas already in here that I won't repeat. One that hasn't been mentioned (as far as I can tell) is re-marketing. How about setting up the following 2 DRM campaigns:


1) Advertising to visitors 2 weeks after they make their order to encourage them to return and make a purchase again. A return and buy offer for free garlic bread or something might work (though I'd test different offers if I was Bob!). I chose 2 weeks because by that point I'd not feel bad about ordering out for pizza again!


2) Advertising to visitors who did NOT book with an offer that encourages them to try the pizzas for the first time. This would be where I'd need to know what put them off from buying in the first place to make a good suggestion. This could possibly be tested by creating campaigns based on where in the purchasing process they dropped off.

Re: Local pizza business looking for advertising strategy - let's help - the best strategy wins.

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Local Pizza Business : 

Great to hear - If you are starting local business with google adword. 

Well here is quick response for your - 

- Just search local companies ( pizza service providers)  

- Make research on it and then you can get good details of your pizza business.

- Google adwords can really help you initially - and sure to give you big opportunities , so Do not hesitate  to ask anything here with me or anywhere on Forums. 

- Make campaigns of Adwords and then target the smallest area which you can . 


There are some help keywords for you 

* Lets say you are starting your pizza in clovis - California - USA . Right 

"pizza in clovis"

"Pizza in CA"

"Pizza in California"

"Pizza service in CA"

"Pizza service in California"

"Pizza boys in CA"

"Pizza Boys in California"

And Many others can be reserached based on competitors. 


Do - 

- Citations 

- Local directories Advertisements

- Local Classifieds advertisements 


They sure help you  to attract your customers. 


Thank you for your time !


Let me know if you have any query



Denish verma

"Seo Expert" 

Skype - Denishverma

Re: Local pizza business looking for advertising strategy - let's help - the best strategy wins.

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 Guys, I am a first time poster.

 Above people talked and made some interesting points about the in's and out's of aspects necessary to create a sucessful campaign.


I think that before the Local Pizza Business begins with AdWords it must first nail down its actually strategy it aims to achieve using AdWords.


For example business use AdWords for a variety of purposes, including;


- Increase search and web visibility
- To sell existing products
- To Launch new products ranges (The 50-50 meat supreme)
- To capture e-mail addresses and other leads or to re-market
- To test product pricing and adcopy.

- To research consumer wants and needs. ( I need a warm pizza fast, with half meat for me and half vegan for my Girlfriend. Have you got an ad for me?)


There are so many reasons I could ad to this but I think the main thing is that the new business hoping to use adWords must understand what he or she wants to gain from AdWords and build a strategy around that and then build a set of campaigns.


From this, it is time to develop your campaign strategy. I would suggest using the following headings which can be found in Google Analytics;




- What location are your users located in?

- What languages do they speak?


  • Behavior

-How do your customers behave?

-Are there many new v. loyal and returning customers?

-How do they engage with your business?


  •  Technology

- What types of user interact with your business and on which technology platform?

-Tablet, Mobile and Desktop users are all slightly different in their interaction?


Finally, I think you need to ask yourself what do I actually sell? 

" I sell Pizza's"

Great so does half the world.

"OK, I sell the only 4- quarter, 4-Topping Pizza on Bondi Beach and the customers love it!"

If that's your niche, then that’s where you start!


Now it’s time to think about setting up a physical set of campaigns.


To add to what has been said above without repeating anybody I think that there are lots of features/tools in AdWords that will help Bob achieve growth in a local business environment. 


As Purefuzz mentioned Bob could utilize location extensions. To add to this Bob could also add to his adtext using a location insertion whilst using location extensions.Location insertion allows you to dynamically update your ad text to include a information related to your physical address and contact details and match this information to a customer's geographic location. Now Bob can create customised and relevant ads targeting multiple locations.


If Bob needed a quick fix maybe he could just try AdWords Express. With Express Bob's ad would be served when people search his area for pizza related keywords and he could provide an ad for his business that will appear above or beside their search results. Google will also mark his Pizza joint with a pin on maps.









Re: Increase AdWords Conversions - Location Targeting helps. Example: Local pizza business

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For small business like Bob’s restaurant, I would actually advise him to start his online advertising effort by registering his business to Google Place for Business to make sure his restaurant appears on Google maps with provided services and radius of services properly defined. Below is my two cents worth


1. Put Bob's restaurant at Google Maps
Register and validate the restaurant address at "Google Place for Business". Remember to define service with proper keywords, i.e. pizza delivery, pasta dine in, etc. and service location, i.e. 1KM - 5KM (or miles) radius of services from the restaurant, etc.

(This is relevant to Adwords, because this listing can be added as "Location Extension" in Bob's adwords campaign.)
(As a gesture to help Bob get free traffic, put also his business address to other maps like yahoo, yelp, bing, foursquare, etc. ;-) )


2. Offer Redeem Coupon with Code

Use the "Offers" feature of "Google Place for Business" one month promotion (i.e. buy Lunch Set with free fries, discount, free delivery exceed $? Order, etc.) that will coincide with Adwords campaign.

Plan to offer Coupon Code method for customer to redeem discount purchase that such codes are linked to Adwords keywords or advertising channels.

(This is relevant to Adwords, because the Coupon Code offer will link to AdGroup or Keywords that enable proper tracking of effectiveness of keywords, adtext or ad graphic, etc.)


3. Tell Bob to start with displaying his ads on all websites shown within ?KM radius of his restaurant right before lunch hour and dinner hour.

(Setup display network campaigns with settings below
a. Display network
b. Specific Location within ?KM radius of Bob's restaurant
c. Ad scheduling from one hour before normal lunch time to 1/2 hour after normal lunch time.
d. Ad scheduling from one hour before normal dinner time to 1/2 hour after normal dinner time.
e. Offering coupon code at landing page. Different codes for different sites (but start with auto placement, then later managed placement that enable us to use coupon code to track sites effectiveness.)
f. Different adgroups for delivery and dine-in
g. Different campaign for desktop, mobile and tablet
i. Telephone extension, site extension and location extension
h. Later monitor effectiveness of each sites)


4. Tell Bob to use Search campaign too. Also offer to people who search for restaurant or food delivery within ?KM radius from his restaurant, with scheduling before lunch hour and dinner hour.

Keywords use will be mainly relevant to search of pizza, pizza and delivery, pizza and location, etc.

(Setup search network campaigns with settings below
a. Search network
b. Specific Location within ?KM radius of Bob's restaurant
c. Ad scheduling from one hour before normal lunch time to 1/2 hour after normal lunch time.
d. Ad scheduling from one hour before normal dinner time to 1/2 hour after normal dinner time.
e. Offering coupon code at landing page. Different code for different keywords or adgroup
f. Different adgroup for delivery and dine-in
g. Different campaign for desktop, mobile and tablet
h. Later monitor effectiveness of each sites)


5. Advise Bob to start a mobile display campaign just for pizza deliver with telephone extension, add with one promotional offer. Specific scheduling before and during lunch and dinner hours, within 1KM-5KM radius from his restaurant

6. Advise Bob on giving good offers
- Free delivery
- Buy Lunch Set redeem free toys.
- Rotate discount for different items in the menu

5. Watch out the cost per click charged by Google.
For clicks cost like 10 clicks equivalent to the price of 1 pizza will be too high. However, looking at acquiring long term customers, initial expensive PPC may be worthwhile. If Bob’s restaurant serves good food that customers will come back, he may be ok with a slightly high click cost to seek more exposure to neighbouring customers.

A good website will help to reduce cost per click. Click charge has to be monitored daily and weekly.


6. Tell Bob to try for one month and see the outcome. The Purpose is to promote AWARENESS to the neighbourhood. The above campaigns need only run for a period until Bob’s restaurant business is stable and that everyone in the neighbourhood knows his restaurant. If the click cost is still too high then, he can afford to stop the campaigns.


7. Create campaigns (mobile display, desktop display and search) on Off-peak-hour offers, i.e. 10am to 11am, 2pm -5pm, etc. Rotate offers. Create new surprises on the offers. These campaigns can run for year long.

Remember to show physical banners or distribute brochure for off-peak-hour offer at the restaurant too.


8. Tell Bob that based on coupon code data, we will find out the most cost effective way to do online advertising for him using google adwords. He needs to have a process to capture those codes (POS register? A booklet beside the phone? Ask dine-in customer to print and bring the coupon code? Use barcode scanner?) for tracking of marketing campaigns and channels.


With codes, we can analyse the effectiveness of marketing efforts and reduce marketing cost without reducing marketing impact. Bob can reduce his PPC marketing cost.


Local restaurant is a tough business to be in for a start, owners usually work long hour, low margin and with the risk of losing life saving. Remember to handle Bob’s small marketing budget with professional decency. With just one bad example in the neighbourhood and we (, and Google) will lose the confidence of other restaurant owners of the entire town.


Re: Increase AdWords Conversions - Location Targeting helps. Example: Local pizza business

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Hi Guys, 


From where I come New Delhi, India - when we think of Pizza we normally think either of the two Dominos or Pizza Hut - thanks for their strong marketing promotions. 


Or if we are into a market and know a local place to eat, we can order a pizza there.. so its not simple as typing in Google and searching for a pizza delivery guy. I need to do more... So let me try my hand since Bob is really a exciting business owner and open for experimental marketing. 


As an agency I will base my campaign in 3 campaigns which are:

Campaign 1 - Display Network

Campaign 2 - Search Network

Campaign 3 - Remarketing 


Campaign 1 - Display Network


I will first figure out what are the most common places for people to hangout online, which are the sites that people frequently visit from the local area. I will shortlist such sites and create a banner ad campaigns tied up with some cool offers and promise to fast delivery. I will target these ads at certain time slots like Lunch & Dinner o have maximum relevant exposure.


I will take the user to the landing page detailing the offer, the menu, Phone no. to call and book and also a order online form.


Campaign 2: Search Network


Here I will try to play a little broad and try to capture the keywords not only related to Pizza or Pizza Delivery but would focus mor eon Eating Option (local area), where to eat, italian food, and pizza ofcourse. And try to build a campaign around concept that some people like to try new places and food and they are yet not decided, i want to hold those guys out - clubbed with my fast delivery or fine local dining experience along with some cool offer - I can get them reach me - and convert them to a visitor and then convert them to customer.


I will busid the campaign with related keywords on the above theme.


 Campaign 3: Remarketing


I beleive this will be my best bet, re-targeting users from the above two campaigns - so to show them that Bob runs a real mighty place for which they happen to stumble upon many websites through display ads. This will give my target audiance a strong brand connect and confidence to try out Bob's Pizza - which is most crucial step.


So without getting too technical with Bob, I am going to explain this concept and ask him to put a dedicated resource at appointed times so that we dont miss any enquiry or phone call. After all hunger is the stongest emotion, we better not mess with it Smiley Happy


Hope Bob it helps you...