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Improving content network performance

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I can't seem to understand the basics of display network. As i'm reviewing some reports, search network clearly shows keywords and ads that triggeret best clicks and impressions, what i fail to understand is that display ad reports show different website clicks and impressions. How would that help me create a better display ad campaign? How does google choose on which youtube videos or on which pages of other sites my banner would appear and how would i improve my results?

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Re: Improving content network performance

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Targeting the display network is not easy ; There are various of targeting methods available;

The basic one, uses contextual targeting - you add a series of keywords (you don't need many: 8-12 would usually do the job), and the systems defines a "theme" for those. This theme is matched  with  similar / relevant content in pages  on YouTube or on the display network;


Another method is to target specific channels on YouTube or specific  topics.

These  are the basic methods to target  pages on the display network. Other methods would target the users browsing pages - (I will leave that this for another discussion...)


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