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Improving click-to-call ratio.

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One of my ads has good click-to-call ratio, but the other one does not. How can I better use my budget or change my ad to get a better ratio?

Also, is there a way to track what numbers the calls come from?

The ad that is not giving me enough business for what I am budgeting is probably a high-auction search term. I'd like guidance on improving my strategy.


Re: Improving click-to-call ratio.

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Hi Christina,

To improve your CTC ratio, you can run some best practice below:

1. Scheduling Strategy, analyze and monitor your click to call performance data and make some decision to set your schedule. Most mobile searches are conducted in the evenings or on weekends i think, so you can boost your ads on the evenings or weekends.

2. Focus on your specific target with geo targeting strategy. Mobile searchers are searching for something local business, restaurant, shop etc. This means that you should refine your campaign to attract customers who are in your business’ locality using geo-targeting

3. Use the "urgency" copywriting on your ads, for example: you can put some copy like "Hurry", "Limited Offer, Call Now", "Get $5 Discount, Call Now", etc

If you want to track more specific call data, you should use 3rd party. They can provide you call data, conversation analytics, close rate data, conversion rate data, marketing ROI information, agent sales performance data, and a host of other information.
Because Google only provide you with the raw number of calls produced by the ads.

For example you can find out on this link:

Hope it helps! Smiley Happy

Thanks - @RyanBatchin