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Improving Quality Score

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Hello - I am fairly new to adwords and am struggling with how to improve the quality scores on many of my keywords. Most are 3 or 4 and I can't understand why. I would love to get some thoughts on the following questions:


1- is having a single landing page on a subdomain problematic for quality score? I am using a site called to test variants of a page. Only way to do this is on a subdomain. Just wondering if google penalizes this.


2- how do i know if I've damaged the account while getting up to speed on how Adwords works? I've read that the CTR of the account is a determining factor of QS. Someone told me to kill my existing account and start with a new one. Is this good advice?


3- I see competitors advertising like mad and the only logical conclusion I can draw is that they have much lower CPC than I do due to a much higher QS for the same keywords. Any way to verify this?


4- Does match type effect QS? I am using a combination of exact and broad match. Wondering if using only exact is a better strategy.


Thanks for any input.

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Re: Improving Quality Score

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Hey Mr131333.


To increase Quality score use below tips and one additional tip is that QS is also depends upon CTR so you should bid high in starting because you will get good impression and top ad rank so its easier to get good CTR and when you will getting good CTR just decrease your bid accordingly ....


1. Put your Landing page url in google adword keyword tool and analyse that what google thinks about your page and related keywords to that page.


2. Put your keyword in meta content of your page like title, description, heading tags, image title and image alt atributes.


3. Make Optimized campaign means that create different ad groups for particlular sevices and particular keyword.

EX. If your having a real estate compoany so create groups like flats, row houses, bungalows, land etc. One mre thing is that create adcopies related to particuler services and keywords.


4. Put you keyword in adcopy title and if its possible that in display url too.




Re: Improving Quality Score

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1. If you are testing on a subdomain that really shouldnt be a problem if your landing page is relevant enough

2. Dont worry you have not "damanged" your account for sure

3. I would suggest you to work on your QS on fewer kw per adgroup. relevant ad copies, relevant landing page and also dont forget you have to build history of CTR for you to catch up with your competitors

4. Yes match type certainly affects the QS and the strategy will depend on your product, budget and goal of the campaign.

Hope that helps


Regards, Nik
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Re: Improving Quality Score

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Hello Mr131333;


Apart from Above useful thoughts:


4. Match types does matter coz Quality score is determined every time a search query runs. We get good quality score for the keywords whos search query are relavant to the keywords in the adgroups. If you are using broad match keywords, I advise you to weed out all irrelvant search terms and add them as a -ve keywords at campaign and as well as on adgroup level. You can test Phrase match types too. Only exact keywords will block so many relevant queries and will only show your ads on few terms that u have in your campaign. 


I suggest a few advanced articles on Quality Score by TanmayArora:

Ingredients of the Quality Score sauce

Recipe to making the perfect Quality Score Sauce


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Re: Improving Quality Score

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My approach, whenever there are QS issues, is to diagnose those keywords and see what hints I get from that.


If it's a CTR issue, I need to make my ads stand out and get clicks.


If it's a relevance issue, maybe my ads show for queries which appear unrelated to them. It can happen, especially when having a lot of keywords inside an ad group, accompanied by few ads. Remeber, if an ad is relevant to any keyword, it's relevant to none.


If it's a landing page problem, then, and only then I need to have a look at the landing page and see what the keyword tool can make of it.


That would be my 2 cents. Have a look at what the keyword diagnosis tells you, and get back to us with the specifics.

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