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Improving Quality Score With Match Types

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If I have a campaign with a few broad keywords like f.e. plumber. Would it help my overall Quality Score if I add the same word in exact match to my campaign? [plumber]





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Re: Improving Quality Score With Match Types

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Hi Steven,


If I talk about an important element of Quality Score, that would be CTR. And most importantly the exact match CTR of a keyword is what really comes into picture when deciding about this important metric of Adwords account.


I would encourage you to go through this excellent long term thread written by Googler Tanmay where he talks about Quality Score and what elements are considered and what advertisers should focus on improving QS:


Happy Reading!


Re: Improving Quality Score With Match Types

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Hi Steven, the answer is, of course, yes and no.  Quality Score is made up from a variety of factors and match type isn't directly one of them.  It's possible to have a 10/10 for a simple broad match and a 3/10 for an exact.


However, one of the key metrics for Quality Score is CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and the match type you choose can have a big impact on that.  Typically the more narrow the match type, the higher the CTR, so broad matches tend to have lower CTRs than phrase or exact matches.


However (again), with the tighter matches you may find you run into problems with relevancy if your Ads and site are not well matched to these matches.  For example, lets say you have the simple broad match of "shoes".  You have a terrible CTR but quite a good relevance because you're getting a lot of clicks from people looking for "tennis shoes" and your Ad mentions "tennis shoes" specifically and lands on your Tennis Shoes page.  If you tighten your Keyword to "running shoes" or [running shoes], you'll get a better CTR, but your Keyword will be far less relevant.  It's therefore important to make sure your Keywords are grouped well into Groups that tightly match a single theme and that Ads and landing pages reflect that theme well.



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Re: Improving Quality Score With Match Types

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HI BuildingC


I think it's a good idea to implement match types to cut down on the amount of impressions you may be recieving that arent necessarily valid to your ads. Running on broad match keywords can be costly. Log into your account and take a look at your search terms report after selecting the broad match keywords and see what exactly your ad has been triggering in response to. This will give you a good idea of where to start implementing changes. From there I would maybe choose some terms to add as negative keywords, and decide to maybe add some broad match modified words if you are concerned that for example, exact match may restrict you too much. Quality score is all about the relevance of your ad, keywords and landing page to the user who is searching and thusly seeing your ad. If you make impressions of your ad more relevant, you will improve your CTR etc and it will in turn have a good effect on your quality scores.


I'm including some articles that I think you will find helpful-


Check and understand quality scores

Keyword matching options

Improve keywords for search campaigns

Search terms report


I hope that you find this useful, good luck :-)


Kind regards