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Improving PTR on Call Only Campaigns

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I recently started a Call Only campaign and have been receiving a large amount of phone calls which is great. The problem is my Phone-Through Rate is only 50-60%. That means nearly half my spend is going out the window and my CPC is twice as high. This usually happens when searchers click the "Call" button but then don't call. I think this happens because Call Only is so new and users want to go to the landing page but can't.  


To combat this I added a Google Forwarding Number so I had evidence, but when I called Google they said "sorry, nothing we can do". My feelings on that are probably best left unsaid.


Regardless, I still think the potential ROI on call only campaigns are too great to abandon this even with a higher CPC. What do you recommend for increasing my PTR so I can be more efficient with my ad spend?

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Re: Improving PTR on Call Only Campaigns

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That's a great point Emmanuel and is something I wanted to bring up myself.

I think that you it the nail on the head when you said that people simply are not expecting that they'll be out straight through to a person. In fact, I find that for me, when I experience it, it feels a little violating like my flow has broken. However, the ROI is there so it cannot be abandoned.

Short of waiting until everyone comes around and gets used to it, we've found that pre-warning potential customers/clickers has improved our PTR significantly. So, in the ad, you can say "Waiting for your call now" or "Operator Standing By!". Test them out and see how far you get with that.

You might also want to look into other ad extensions where there's the option for the user.

That's all I have for now. It's a pretty new venture for everyone but I'm sure the world will catch up eventually Smiley Happy