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Improving Landing Page Experience Score

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Hi there,


### The problem
90% of my keywords have "below average" landing page experience!


### My previous research
I have read the article in Google AdWords Help Centre about improving landing page experience many times but unfortunately it is unclear.

The article explains how to improve the landing page experience. Is said that there are three main factors to improve the landing page experience which are:-

1. Relevant & Useful Content

  •  My keywords are very related to my website.
  •  Some of my keywords is exactly same as the landing page title, meta-description, meta-tag and the keyword exist at least two times in the page content. So it is very related.

2. Trustworthiness

  •  We have contact us page.
  •  We don't have ads in our website.
  •  We have privacy policy page.

3. Easy to navigate

  •  We have both mobile & desktop website.
  •  We don't have pop-up pages or any other annoying pages.
  •  We have made a survey about to check how easy is our website, we got 9/10 overall average score.

So basically we have done everything in the article but we still have the problem!!

### The 1 Million Questions


1) What are the factors that is not written in Google AdWords article that affects the landing page experience score ?


2) How to check my score in each factor of my landing page experience score?


3) Are there any tricks I can do to get better landing page experience score?




Thank you for you time,

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Re: Improving Landing Page Experience Score

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Is it possible for you to share the landing page you are using with the Community here?


Re: Improving Landing Page Experience Score

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Hello Pankaj,

I would love to but unfortunately I can not.

Re: Improving Landing Page Experience Score

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There are no tricks here Smiley Happy


You have to make sure that there is relevant content in correlation with your text ads and keywords that you are using inside AdWords. What you show on your ads, make sure you have it on your landing page for positive user experience.


Adding more relevant user testimonials, videos will add more trust in the minds of users, that will help in engaging with your users and improve the overall Landing Page Quality.


You might try using the Content Experiments (https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1745147?hl=en&ref_topic=1745207&rd=1) and do A/B testing with your landing page, showing different call to actions, testing different color combinations etc...


Also make sure that you are not disallowing AdBot to crawl your landing page. Doing this would straight away create a negative impact on your Quality Score.



Re: Improving Landing Page Experience Score

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Hi Pankaj,



Let me please clarify some points :-

  • - We are very sure that my content is related to my keywords.
  • - We also have YouTube video in some pages but the problem still there even for these pages.
  • - We did a lot of A/B testing but we couldn't understand the solution.
  • - We are not disallowing Ad bots.


From all what you have said, We are missing only two things which are :-

  • - We didn't have testimonials page yet.
  • - We didn't try to use Content Experiments in GA. 
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Re: Improving Landing Page Experience Score

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Hi Mohammed, 


Besides what @pankaj1782 already said, I would like to add a few things here. 


Is your website mobile friendly? Yes, even if you do not target mobile devices with your campaigns, it does work to affect your landing page experience. If your website is responsive to tablets, smartphones and all other devices, you would get some credits to build up better landing page experience and eventually - quality scores. However, it's not the only factor, you would agree. 


One more thing, you are sure that your content is relevant to your keywords. Is AdWords equally sure? Let's put it to test.


Head over to Keyword Planer and do a research for keywords idea. Do not insert any keyword, use your landing page URL and let AdWords suggest the keywords for you. Do you see any match with your existing keywords? If you see a lot of irrelevant keywords, you should work with your landing page contents. If you see majority of them are relevant, you are good here. 


Next, how are you doing on CTR and Ad Relevance. Work with them, they will work to improve the overall QS. 


Edit - forgot to add one thing.

That's page speed. How is your website doing at pagespeed. It is also one of the most important factors affecting LP experience. Work with it as well


After doing all your tweaks and optimizations, give the system some time to respond to your changes/updates. 


Hope it helps. 


Ratan Jha



Re: Improving Landing Page Experience Score

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Hello Ratan-Jha,

First of all thank you for your kind reply.

- About your suggestion to use Keyword Planner tool to check keyword relevancy.
It was an interesting suggestion, I have tried it now but unfortunately it shows bad results.
When I added some url to the keyword planner, I got unrelated keywords. I have many times to get better results but I couldn't.

- About CTR, Ad Relevance and QS
I have "above average" in all of them. Avg. QS 6.6

- Page speed is a good suggestion also
We already worked on that before about two months and we have 68/100 in Mobile and 79/100 in Desktop.

Re: Improving Landing Page Experience Score

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@Mohammed A  Thanks. Now you know where to work. You need to work with your website's pagespeed further. It's not just about score, you should also take care of the total time taken to load the page. 


Also, work with your website contents as well. 


All the best!


Ratan Jha

Improving Landing Page Experience Score

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OOh, using the keyword planner like that is a great suggestion. 

Improving Landing Page Experience Score

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