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Improving Campaign Performance and Ad Relevance

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We are running a campaign on hotels in Rio De Janeiro. However, our site only deals with apartments on rent to the holiday makers and tourists to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. We have also selected keywords on hotels, as well as, the ad written is also focusing on hotels. Actually we want to sale apartments to tourists having keywords related to hotel, the reason being the incoming traffic for hotel keywords.


We found that the Quality scores of these keywords are very low and keyword performance is not up to the mark.


Is this the right way to run the campaign? Can someone guide us with proper suggestions to improve the quality scores, conversions and overall campaign performance?


Our Targeted Landing Pages:


Please help us with your valuable feedback.


Thank You,

Rio Apartment Rental

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September 2015

Re: Improving Campaign Performance and Ad Relevance

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Hi Rio A, it's difficult to give you detailed advice as there could be many reasons for a poor Quality Score; low CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is probably the most likely reason but there are again many reasons why that might be so.


In general, I don't see a problem with your approach; if someone is searching for a hotel in Rio and your apartments offer a reasonable comparison in terms of rates I think it's fair to offer them as an option.  However, you must ensure that your Ads make it clear that your site is about apartments and that you don't pretend to be linking to a hotel site - this not only would be a breach of the AdWords Policies but is also possibly a cause of poor Quality Score as visitors clicking your Ad looking for a hotel will be finding an apartment site.


While I understand the intention, you will almost certainly find that you'll get better results by being "honest" with your Ads.  If I search for a hotel (anywhere) and click an Ad that takes me to a site renting apartments, I'm very likely to leave straight away (indicating a poor landing page relevance).  If I search for hotels and see an enticing Ad about apartments, I may well check out the site as an option and I'll arrive there understanding the nature of the site and what you offer and am much more likely to stay and browse.


What matching options are you using for your Keywords?  Can you share some real Keywords and their associated Quality Scores?



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Re: Improving Campaign Performance and Ad Relevance

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Hi Cobnut!

Thanks for your advice. Appreciated.
Please go through the keywords that we have targeted and advice us, if possible.

Our Keywords:
[hotel ipanema]  ----- 7/10
[hotel rio de janeiro] ----- 7/10
[hotel copacabana] ----- 3/10
[apart hotel rio de janeiro] ----- 6/10

Our Ad:
Ad Title: Hotels in Ipanema, Brazil
Display URL:
Ad Desc: Explore The Most Luxurious Hotels in Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro