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Impression vs. Remarketing list

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Hello AdWords PPL,


  • remarketing list A 240,000 - impression 15,000
  • remarketing list B 80,000 -  impression 73,000


  • both remarketing groups has the same settings
  • only difference is banner graphic and linking


why remarketing list B which is 3 times smaller than remarketing list A has 5 time mor ipressins?


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- Lukas
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Re: Impression vs. Remarketing list

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Remarketing List B results from less clicks. Every time a user clicks your page with the remarketing code or tag , in their browser a short text file is saved, that is called cookie. That is used like an identity card to verify that user every time he navigates on the display network.


Remarketing lists are build when a page on your site is accessed. If you have setup the remarketing list to include "all visitors" it should capture all visitors, but it would be more useful to make it to include only visitors who reached a certain strategic page like page with prices or page with contact data, or with special offers.

This way their intent to buy is better determined.



  • both remarketing groups has the same settings"

Remarketing are defined as lists not groups, I think you are confusing them with ad groups.


  • only difference is banner graphic and linking"

1) What do you mean the only difference is linking ?


2) Can you upload a print-screen with what you see in the Audiences tab including all the columns with the list duration and list type ( it can be build using analytics or tags or rules ).


3) Have you read the remarketing strategies that google presented here ?


4) Have you setup your list duration for the maximum of 540 days ?


5) What type of remarketing setup did you chose ? Analytics remarketing code, adwords remarketing code with rules defined in the Audiences tab or with tags.


6) Did you know that you can use negative audiences to exclude your previous visitors from any campaign even search campaigns, in order to pay for more "new visitors" instead of paying for "returning visitors" ?


Re: Impression vs. Remarketing list

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Hi Lukas M,

"only difference is banner graphic and linking".

If the graphics are of different sizes, that could be a reason right there. Not all web sites accept all sizes of ads. I try to include at least one ad of each size in a display or re-marketing campaign ad group, and I normally include at least one text ad just in case.

Are you using keywords with the re-marketing lists? Keywords can restrict the number of impressions. That's not a bad thing.

The real question to ask (and answer) is how are your CTR and conversion rates? Does the larger group get a higher conversion rate? If so, take a look at the targeting. You may have unnecessary keywords restricting the number of impressions. Which group has a higher CTR?

Just a couple things to think about.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords