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Impression Share

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Hi Everyone,


I have been reading about impression share that it is number of impression your campaign or ad group received divided number of impression you were eligible to receive. I have understood it but not that clearly. For example 


1) At campaign level for search - I got impression share of <10% and search exact match IS of <10%. 

2) At campaign level for display - I got impression share of  10.33 and display lost impression 62.44%.


How would you read it as?

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September 2015

Re: Impression Share

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Hello Dreamzworld,


That means, For search campaign, from out of all advertisers your ads are being shown on search engine less then 10% times. You need to improve Impression share by adding keywords, bid adjustments etc, enticing adcopies etc. Also you can see Lost IS is by budget or by Ad rank. you need to work on budgets if necessary & also improve campaign quality.


Let's say you are advertisng "Accounting Payroll Software" and there are 10 other companies advertising "Accounting Payroll Software". Now out of all 10 advertisers, your ads are being on shown on google search engine only less then 10% times.


Search Exact Match Impression Share: Indicates % of impressions you received for all the Exact Match keywords in your campaign when it matches exactly with the search terms.


Display Network impression share lost due to?


Hope that helps!






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Re: Impression Share

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One thing is clear, Search or display impression share <10 means my ads are being shown less than 10 times.


For search i need to increase keywords and bids etc. What about display?


Display Impression share lost due to rank of 5.42%. How do i improve it?