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Impact on Sales When Adwords Budget is X2 ???

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If I double my budget on Adwords is there a way to predict sales?


ex: Now I spend $1000 months and I get 100 convesrion. What if I raise my my expense up to $2000/month?


Is there a way to calculate(prediction) a approximation of conversion for the amonths spend ($2000)?


I use conv./value cost metric when setting up bids. a Cost per Conv./value of 15 is my goal.


Is there a way to have a estimation of conversion if I raise my bids to a Cost per Conv./value of 10???


AW is use for eCommerce online store.


Thank you.



Re: Impact on Sales When Adwords Budget is X2 ???

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Hi bb,
If you're using AdWords Conversion Tracking then yes, via the AdWords Bid Simulator Tool it will give you an estimate of what doubling your Campaign Budget could do for your Conversions. There is a link below on the AdWords Bid Simulator. Keep in mind that these are only estimates, and you'll still want to manage and optimize your AdWords Campaigns to ensure that you're efficiently reaching your target audience on relevant Keywords.
Another thing to consider is how increasing your Budget will impact your Impression Share - that is how often your Ads will show vs how often your Ads are eligible to show. It should be noted that if you're not currently reaching your Budget caps, then increasing your Budgets might not increase your AdWords clicks so sales could stay flat.

AdWords Bid Simulator -
AdWords Impression Share -