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Image Ads

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Hello Everyone, 



I currently work at an Agency that does not allow us to use image ads with in display campaigns. I do not even have the ability to create them with an account to test out and answer my lingering questions. The reason we can not use image ads is long and boring but in short the answer is , "No". 


My question to the world: 


How does only using text only ads on display affect the quality of automatic placements?


Does the site quality significantly differ from when images ads are in place?


Are we immediately disqualified from a majority of popular sites for not having images ads in place?


Any additional insight you guys can share aside from my questions are most welcome. I was not able to find and past reports discussing this very unique situation. 

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September 2015

Re: Image Ads

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Hi there;

This is a nice question...

And my recommendation to advertisers is simple;

The advantage of the display network is a "visualization of the ad-copy". If you can't create banner / pic  ads, don't advertise on the display network.

Focus your goals on RLSA, to "capture"  users visited your site,


My view on the subject;

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Image Ads

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MosheTLV! I feel like a celebrity just replied to my post.

I agree with you. Display is all about visualization! Image ads speak for themselves and have much more impact then text ads could ever. I accept you answer on refocusing but I would like to keep the stream open to other ideas.

Thank you MosheTLV!