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Ideal number of keywords per add group

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I would like to have your opinion about the next move I plan to do on Adwords.

We have an ADGROUP (search network only) with very similar keywords (20 keywords): They all are EXACT or PHRASE match.


I plan to split the adgroup and create a second one, in order to control better the ads that show up.


Overall, do you think that this move will improve our quality score (ranking, click through rate)?


I would like to know your ideas. Thank you


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Re: Ideal number of keywords per add group

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Hi @Arash K as I'm sure you appreciate, there really is no "ideal" number of anything where AdWords is concerned however I lean strongly towards fewer rather than more Keywords per Ad Group.


When thinking about relevance, it's easy to argue that the ultimate in relevance is to have just one Keyword per Group.  With one Keyword you can be absolutely certain your Ad matches your Keyword and your landing page is precisely the right one.  As soon as you have 2 Keywords or more there's always a risk of some form of compromise.


That doesn't mean all Ad Groups should hold just one Keyword, but I very rarely use more than 5 per Group and once I have clear, statistically significant data for a high performance Keyword I'll normally put that in a Group of its own.



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Re: Ideal number of keywords per add group

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Thank you Jon. This reflects absolutely my ideas.
I will definitely change the number of keywords for Adgroup.