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IS This Best Practice - New Campaigns

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I want to know if this is best practive in new campaigns please


Not Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion

leaving kws with lots of impressions without changing to new ads

Lumping 84 keywords in an ad group ie


if i want to bid on john insurance company , the current 84 keyword variations in the ad group are


[john insurance]


[john insurance cover]

[john insurance quotes]

[john insurance quote]

[john insurance quotes]




I would have spilt ad groups up into smaller targeted ad groups like

all insurance keywords in 1 ad group etc as per below

all cover keywords

all quote keywords

all quotes keywords

all urls ie www.*


also leaving keywords to 100 impressions with 0 clicks without changing the ads


any thoughts are welcome and much appreciated


many thanks





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Re: IS This Best Practice - New Campaigns

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Rising Star
Hi Mac, I am using such structure - 1 keyword in 1 so I can create more relevant ads ads for keywords which are getting more traffic.
Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency
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Re: IS This Best Practice - New Campaigns

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Rising Star
Hi Mac,

Welcome to the Community!

Your second approach for adgroup structuring is generally the best practice that is followed by people and is something that even AdWords suggests we should do.

So just group the keywords into relevant adgroups and do not put all of them in one adgroup. The upside to this is that you can write more direct and specific ad copies for each adgroup and when the user is served the ad on the SERP they know exactly what they are getting into.

Other than this, I do not believe that not using DKI is a best practice. It is a best practice to not use it in your misspelled or Competitor adgroups as it can mean that those targeted keywords can show up in your ad when they are served on the SERP.

And finally the keywords that have 100 impressions, I am assuming they have incurred any cost here i.e. they have not recorded any clicks. If this is the case, you can leave them be for now as they are negatively affecting your performance except for the CTR which you know is the ratio of your clicks and impressions. If your overall CTR is too low and if CTR is a performance metric for you then you should probably look to pause such keywords at some of time.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: IS This Best Practice - New Campaigns

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thanks for all your replies