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I would like to increase the conversion rate on my ads

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Hello all,


I have been playing around with ad words recently and am trying to hone in on conversion tracking.  Also, I can't seem to get very many impressions using the keyword or serach network, and end up having results that move like a snail.  When I activate the display network, I get plenty of clicks, but no conversions.  (My conversion tracking is set up for a form fill)  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 




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Re: I would like to increase the conversion rate on my ads

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There are many things that you can do to increase you conversion rates.

1- Look at the search terms from the dimension tool, and from the search terms list, add those keywords as negative keyword which are not relevant to you business.

2- From the dimension tool, look at the user location data and try to focus on only those areas from where the conversions are coming.

3- Try using 2-3 variations of landing pages and see which one is performing well.

4- Try to analyze at what time and on what days most conversions come. So, you can improve for ad rank on those specific time to increase the conversion

Re: I would like to increase the conversion rate on my ads

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I ran a lead based PPC campaign couple of weeks back. My learning from that campaign was that for a lead based PPC campaign, three things are very important.

1- Conversion Tracking should be properly installed, so that you can tracking all your conversions. And in the end calculate the ROI generated from the PPC campaign.
2- Your landing page should be good and the lead generation form should be upfront.
3- You must be offering something to the people giving you their contact details

I am sharing you a landing page for a lead based PPC campaign.

In this landing page you can see that a free e-book is offered to everyone who fills up the from which increase the probability that the visitor landing on your page will give you his/her details. Secondly, the lead generation from is up front.
We got exceptional results from this campaign.
I hope you also get fruitful results from your campaign

Re: I would like to increase the conversion rate on my ads

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Hi Darrin, Sayem has given some good advice but I would just caution about the use of an incentive to complete a form.  If Google believes the primary purpose of the site is to collect user information, you may fall foul of the Information Harvesting policy.  If your site has a valid purpose behind it you should be OK but be aware of the Policy details below:


Policy on Information Harvesting.



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