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I need valid response to my client, why my account getting less calls?

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I am Praveen, i need it really urgent. As my client doesnt know about any adwords term and technical details, i need to explain them in a normal english, why my account is not getting enough calls and leads.


My account last month spent around 16k and got 2100 clicks and got lot of irrelevent calls. so i have cleaned up the account removing broad match and added BMM. Now we are getting maximum relevent clicks and our spend got reduced. i m not able to spend much as i removed all broad keys. till now i got 26 calls and 11 leads and spent 6k got 1000 clicks. my industry is business telecom systems and i have seen my competitor spending 30 - 40 dollars per click but i am spending only 6 - 7 dollars.


Right now i need to explain my client why i am getting less calls and leads. Normal english response to convince them.


Please can someone give me some idea. ?

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Re: I need valid response to my client, why my account getting less ca

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This discussion should help you;

Can you share your landing page with us?



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