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I'm receiving a lot of views but customers are not buying? Why?

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I would like to learn how to improve results on my website.  Customers are looking at the site but not purchasing?  What am I not doing?

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Re: I'm receiving a lot of views but customers are not buying? Why?

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Hi Patrick,


First question - Are you tracking conversions?


Assuming that your concern is about Adwords traffic, here are few check lists that would help to increase purchase.

1. Keyword - Bid on only relevant keywords. Go for exact & phrase keyword match type. If you intend to use broad or modified broad - add negative keywords

2. Quality of traffic - Make sure that you are buying only qualified traffic, you can check the quality of traffic to going through the search terms report. This report shows actual search query that resulted in your ad being shown and clicked. Here is a resource on how to view search report -

3. Text Ads & Landing pages - Write compelling text ads, highlight benefits, features, promotions,..Your landing page is the key element in converting a click to conversion. Here is a resource about landing page best practice -

4. Funnel - Identify your customers exit points in the conversion process by referring the search funnel report (or GA - Funnel Visualization). Here is a resource regarding search funnel -




Re: I'm receiving a lot of views but customers are not buying? Why?

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Hi there;

Check this discussion on the topic:



I'm getting a fair amount of clicks but not turning into sales..any advice?

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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