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I just need to know about Fitness Campaign?

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I am just worried about that i am running fitness campaign for the website and just worried about how i make strategies to get more sales/conversion. I have found some idea about keywords but i need to know about my competitors. So, kindly suggest!

Re: I just need to know about Fitness Campaign?

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For finding your competitors, following are the ways - 


1. Yourself, as you own this business.

2. Try Local Search Directories

3. Check who is using adwords amongst your competitors from Google Adpreview Tool


Also would suggest you to read this Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool to know how to use it.


For increasing sales/conversion - relevant keywords, ads with call to actions, informative and relevant landing pages.


For this you need to build themes like Fitness Centre, Gym,etc. Then you need check the Keyword Tool Check this article - Using the Keyword Tool to get keyword and ad group ideas.

This link will help you understand the adwords account structure and ideas to build one - Building An Adwords Account.

Landing Pages play an important role in sales/conversions. Get more details on Google Suggestions For Landing Pages - Understanding landing page experience


You can get help from google adwords support team to build your adwords account or you can hire, outsource work to an adwords professional.


Last but not the least use Google Analytics effectively to measure, track and improve your account performance based on sales or conversions.



Hope you got what you are looking for.