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I have my website & I am doing adwords for it.

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i am using ad words i am a new in i want to know how will i improve my quality score of my webpage. my quality score is 3 i am not able to increase greater then 3 

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Re: I have my website & I am doing adwords for it.

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Hi Zazu P,

That indicates a poor choice of keywords. Are they all broad match? If so, try broad match modified (BMM), phrase or exact. run a search terms report to see what kind of queries are triggering your ad. Enter non-related queries as negative phrase or exact.

Increase your QS by getting a better CTR.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: I have my website & I am doing adwords for it.

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Hi Zasu, For Quality Score you need to figure out some important thing which helps to increase your QS.


1) Relevancy of Ad

2) Keywords Selection

3) Landing Page


If your are running small campaign, i just refer use two or three ads and all are so much clear about what your's services means transparency matters and one of them dynamic ad. it will helps to improve QS as well as apply Ad rotation on you ads.


Regarding keywords selection, you need to start first with broad match keywords and use keyword planner tool for getting idea about traffic and Cpc.  Need to add negative keywords which helps to improve your campaign performance.


Landing page - You need to focus on your landing page quality, transparency, and put call to action, above to fold and eye caching.