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I have less success with eCommerce account

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I have less success with eCommerce account  compare to others. I mostly use exact &phrase match and rarely use braodmatch. I think that broadmatch KW can give more conversion but do not want to use them. So please suggest your idea on "using broad match kw" for ecommerce account. Any additional tips is apprecaited.



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Re: I have less success with eCommerce account

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Hello Anil Singh,


As  my experience, l was also suffering with the same confusion, But I just started with Broad Modifier keywords, Right now its running Good, So as per my sujjection please go with broad modifier. 


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September 2015

Re: I have less success with eCommerce account

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Hey Anil,


In my opinion, experimentation is the key to success in Adwords.

So if you have been working with some exact and phrase matches for quite sometime in your Adwords account, you should have tested Broad match modifier there only to see if that makes a difference or not.


Running a search terms report with keyword columns on, would have given you an idea of which keywords are drawing what types of search queries and based on that you could have changed the match types you are using.


Similarly focussing on covnerting type keywords only and having a separate campaign for those terms could also make the difference.


For an Ecommerce account, I would also go for a Dynamic Ad Campaign because you have lots of pages and categories and it would be interesting to see how Google automatically fetches the data based on the organic rankings of your website pages and show the relevant ads to the online users. ( )


My 2 cents!