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I have a misbehaving GDN campaign.

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I have a new GDN campaign for text ads.  I put in keywords and a topic, set Target and Bid, put in Site Category exclusions, and in general set it up like another campaign that has been working fine. 


This one, however, has gone wild, putting my ads on placements I specifically tried to exclude (Games, Apps, Video, etc.).  Also, When I look through the targeting in the Display Network tab, there are many impressions and clicks that are not accounted for - fully half of them this week!


So, two questions:


How can I ensure that the placements have anything to do with the Topics and/or the KWs?


Where are the unaccounted for clicks coming from, if not the targeting I put in place?





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Re: I have a misbehaving GDN campaign.

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Hi there;
The point in setting campaign on GDN is (on one hand)  not to narrow the targeting to much and on the other hand not to target too broad;
This is a "delicate" task that requires constant monitoring on performances, excluding non-related placements and apps.
Due to the scale of the GND you cannot avoid completely "undesired" impressions.

One issue to check: how many keywords are you using ?  (10-15  would do to clearly define a "theme" )

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