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I'd like to know if i'm optimising keywords function?

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Question was actually in the title..  I'd like to know if i could be using better words in Keywords Smiley Wink


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Re: I'd like to know if i'm optimising keywords function?

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HI Alando


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


With regard to keyword optimisation, I think you will find the following article very helpful as it covers basic, intermediate and advanced tips about tools and how to get the best results with your keywords.


How to build the best keyword list


Kind regards


Re: I'd like to know if i'm optimising keywords function?

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In addition to the good info already given, let me suggest that you review your Search Queries report for a fairly significant time span--say, 90 days at least. (If your business is seasonal, run the report for a time frame long enough to include that last seasonal "peak" and "valley" times.)


Then review the data. Are the search terms that are triggering your ads the kinds of searches you hoped to be seeing? Do they all seem to be closely related to your product/service? Are you seeing a lot of search queries that are irrelevant for your purposes? You can add new keywords or use negative keywords to block unwanted traffic you see in the search terms  report.


In addition, if you see that one keyword is triggering more unwanted searches than good ones--consider changing that keyword variation to a more restrictive match type. Or, consider if it's worth keeping it at all.


Keyword optimization is like anything else--you start by deciding what results you need (campaign goals), then you look at the data to see if what you're getting is leading to those results. You eliminate what isn't (by restricting keyword match types and/or blocking searches via negative keywords) and capitalize on what is (by adding phrase and exact match variations for really good, productive search queries that you see in the SQ report).


You can also, as suggested before, take a look at the Opportunities tab and see if there are any keyword suggestions for you there. If there are, review those suggestions carefully--the machine program that generates them isn't fail-proof--and add the ones you think might work to your campaign. (I would strongly suggest adding these as Exact match to start. You can always switch them to Phrase later or add a Phrase variation to the campaign.)


Just some ideas!

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