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I am not reaching $329 daily limit

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This is the daily graph of my AdWords Grant speeding:




You see $329 allocated by the grant are spend not every day. The worst thing here is that I am not reaching $9900 per month needed to switch to Grants Pro.


Can you help me to reach this?


I suspect that my account it paused (for "recalculation") when I add new keywords (as suggested by Google). Is this fear well-founded? Or is it just an unfounded phobia?


Note that I was recommended to set "Accelerated delivery" of ads, but "Accelerated delivery is unavailable for the selected bidding option."

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Re: I am not reaching $329 daily limit

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Hi @Victor P to spend more of your budget you need to increase your targeted audience; broader Keywords, a wider geographical area, etc. and/or improve the performance of your Ads to increase CTR (click through rate) so that you're showing your Ads to the same target but more people are clicking them.


However, chasing after a spend purely to hit a figure is not normally a sensible way to run AdWords, it's like saying "I can get exactly the TV I want for $800, but I budgeted $1000 so I'm going to carry on shopping until I find a store that sells it for $1000".  If you're getting good performance from your current setup (however you're measuring that performance) then you shouldn't simply try to spend more money, but should rather still be focusing upon improving performance.


Having said that, from the looks of your graph you might benefit from a script that'll manage your daily budgets to cope with underspend on certain days.  What's likely to be the problem here is that some days you're spending a lot less than $329 but you're not making up for that on other days.  A good script will take these variations and help you hit a precise target without necessarily wasting that money just to spend it.


I've never heard of Accounts reacting against the budget because of new Keywords.  It's far more likely that you simply don't have a large enough audience.


On a final point, I doubt there's any benefit in running Accelerated Delivery, even if you could.



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Re: I am not reaching $329 daily limit

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Hi Victor,

Just to add to what Jon has mentioned here.

Keeping your current account setup and as relevant as possible, you can give these options a chance.

1. Shift Ad Rotation settings to 'Optimize for Clicks" - Since Clicks get your spends and more clicks = more spends
2. Add more broader set of keyword themes for your website. Try targeting some lateral themes to broaden your targeting
3. Check performance of your campaigns basis the device. If Mobile as a device is bringing in more clicks, try mobile bid adjustment and increase visibility on Mobile
4. Check if any of your campaigns have a status of "Limited by Budget". This would be unlikely considering you are not able to hit daily spends but worth checking
5. If you have just a few campaigns, check if they can be split up into individual campaigns with their own dedicated budget
6. Try moving to Cost per 1000 Impression (CPM) bidding model. If your campaigns are running on CPC model, maybe this shift may help you get your desired results
7. Give remarketing a try. Place a remarketing tag on your website and creates lists in your AdWords interface. Target users who have previously visited your site and show them a dedicated or a different messaging to drive them back to your website to convert

Hope this Helps!

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