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I am getting very less clicks from my campaign ..What should I do ??

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Hi , I am not getting result on my campaign of Property Loan products in India 

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September 2015

Re: I am getting very less clicks from my campaign ..What should I do

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Hi Dealsof L, welcome to the community!


There could be number of reasons why you might be getting the less clicks.


Here are some points you can consider for review-


  1. Are you getting impressions to the ads to get the clicks. If you are getting impressions but no clicks then you may need to work more on keywords and ad text relevancy.
  2. Does your campaign have very specific keywords with less search volume
  3. Are you using majorly exact, phrase match types for long tail keywords
  4. Do the keywords have quite less max. CPC to help trigger ad
  5. Do you have some main keywords on negative keywords list blocking your ads
  6. Are you using conversion optimizer with less CPA set. If it’s less then, it could lead to less no. of impressions and clicks
  7. Geo targeting- Are you targeting specific areas with less search volumes in those areas. Similar for language targeting


Hope this helps!