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I Want to try adwords ... any tips?

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I want to try adwords for my site can anyone help me with direction.  not sure what budget to keep and if it will make any difference.


slightly confusing.  any advice is good advice.

 check it out if you dont mind

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Re: I Want to try adwords ... any tips?

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Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


If you are new to AdWords I recommend that you read the following information.


Getting started in three basic steps

Intro to AdWords

Choose your bid and budget


There are lots of different options when you advertise your site with adwords. Given how so many people search and book online these days, I'm sure that running ads could make a difference to your business. After you have read the information in the links above, you can post back if you have any questions and we will do our best to help :-)


Kind regards



Re: I Want to try adwords ... any tips?

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Hi GREATFLIGHT, further to the good advice you've had from Hel_ipe already, I'd cover some personal favourites about your first Campaign itself.


  1. Make sure your site is ready for AdWords.  One of the biggest problems we see all the time on this forum is that people thing the advertising stops when the customer gets to their site - in fact it's just beginning.  If you were to measure relative importance in getting a "sale" through AdWords I'd say it was 30% AdWords itself and 70% the website.  Straight away I can see some problems with your site (I'll cover these below).

  2. Start small.  Don't rush into AdWords spending £10,000 a month on all the Keywords in the OED.  Think about a structured approach (in your case I might be looking to advertise by destination) then pick just one or maybe two and build for them to test on a small budget.  Run for a couple of weeks then examine the results.

  3. Monitor.  Monitor.  Monitor.  You'd be amazed how many people come here and say "I set up an AdWords account 5 years ago and I've just realised it's not making me any money."  You must establish that AdWords is going to be effective and profitable before you start spending any real money.  For example, if you spend only £10 a day and in 5 days you get more than 1 booking, I'd be confident to go to £30 a day for another week and see how many you get then.  If the bookings continue to rise you can continue to increase the budget.

  4. Know your required ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).  Presumably you can work out an "average" booking value (net) to you?  (Yes, I know it'll vary a lot but you can probably pick a reasonable figure to work to).  This figure should be the basis upon which you judge AdWords performance.  Let's say it's £100 (cos it's a nice round number).  If your clicks cost you £2 you can therefore afford to get 50 clicks per Conversion (booking).  So, when you run your £10 a day test you'll be looking to get one (preferably more) Conversions for every X clicks where "X" is your ROAS/Average CPC.  Bear in mind AdWords isn't very "linear" so it may be you'll get no Conversions for 80 clicks then 2 in the next 20 so it's important to monitor a decent time period.

  5. Ask!  We're here to help and really don't mind doing so.  So many people come here asking for help then never come back.  Do please use us as a resource.

In terms of your site I just tried to book a flight from London to Rome (FCO).  Your site (well, the flight server site) said there were no fares available and said I should choose "search options on the menu bar above".  There were no search options on the menu bar.  When I click on the green "Plan your trip" button it takes me to a blank page showing only the search options box in the top left of the page, with all my settings gone.  Bang.  You've just wasted one click.


You must have a more "elegant" method of handling failed searches and ensure visitors can start again or pick a different option easily.


Perhaps more worryingly, your site repeatedly told me there were no flights available to FCO from any London airport via BA, when BAs own site reports 7 different inbound and outbound flights for the same dates/class/passengers.   I then tried to book a flight with Delta to SFO, way out in September, again your site said no fares available but Delta's own site offers over 18 options for my chosen dates.


It's probable that the airlines have allocated only a certain number of seats for "portal" sites to use but there seems a large discrepancy here given that I've only tried two trips and both returned no results and both appeared to have seats available when tried with other services.



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