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How to write a broad match modfied keyword

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In a two keyboard broad match modifier, is there a space between the first keyword and the plus sign next to the second keyword?


Example: +new+furniture or +new +furniture?

In my keywords with the modifier, I used the space , but I received search queries which were not the modified keywords.

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Re: How to write a broad match modfied keyword

Rising Star
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Rising Star
Hi there,

It is +phrase1 +phrase2. For Ex: +buy +chocolate. This may match with search terms that have slight variations like synonyms, plurals, etc. The rule here, is that both terms should be searched together.

Hope that clarifies Smiley Happy

Sumanth Sridhar

Re: How to write a broad match modfied keyword

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Hi Bruce,

Sumanth is right here. For a two word Broad Match Modifier keyword you need to keep a space in between the two words (if the are infact two different words).

For your Reference again, the keyword will be: +buy +chocolate online.

Now in this example, variations/plurals of the first two words 'buy' & 'chocolate' can trigger your ad and the keyword 'online' does not need to be present in the query that can trigger your ad.

In your Search Query, can you check which were the broad match modifier keywords or their variants or plurals that triggered your ad. You can do a comparison in the Search Query Report that you download by including the Keywords column in the report.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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