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How to use negative remarketing lists

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Hi to everyone,


i've a question that involve the remarketing lists. I'm pretty new to remarketing so it can be an easy answer but for the moment i was not able to find a solution.


I recently found out that some of the users that are registered to my website are clicking on my ads to get to my website (they actually search on google for some terms and then they come to my site also if they actually know my website).

The reason they do that is because some of them do not know the difference between writing the domain in the address bar and searching on google.


What i would like to do is exclude these users from finding my ads on the search network.


To do so i made an "audience segment" based on visitors that have visited a page that is visible only to registered users.

So this should give me a list of people which i know that are already registered customers.


After that i went into my search campaign and clicked on audience, than on exclusion and finally i added the previously created segment.

After that i visited the page specified in the filter (to become a user of the audience segment) and i expected to not being able anymore to find my ads for that campaign but if i try i can find my ads.


Can someone help me to figure out this situation?

The only doubt that i have is that this method only work for display campaign (the campaing i'm talking about is a "Search Network Only - All features").

If my doubt is correct, how can i achive my goal? is there any alternative?


Thank you very much in advance and sorry for my english, if something is not clear please let me know and i'll do my best to explain it better.





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Re: How to use negative remarketing lists

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Hi Ale84,
For blocking this audience to see your Ads, you can go to the setting and in keyword matching options select Do not include close variants, so that your Ads will not run on mis-spelled keywords. Else you can directly update some possible misspelled variants of your brand in Negative keywords list or use your Brand keywords with exact and phrase match only.
Please let me know if this works for you.


Re: How to use negative remarketing lists

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Hi Ale84;

If I fully followed and understood the steps you took; you were correct. These are available on the display network only;


On the search network, you could use  Remarketing list for Search Ads (RLSA)  for exculding the users already visited ("negative Remarketing"), or bid much lower on the keywords in an RLSA campaign, (by that minimizing the chance that the ad will be shown in this group of users).


Check this discussion;

Exclude search audience


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