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How to use keywords modifier?

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I have trouble to understand how to use keywords modifier. For example, I have an ad group named "bell system". So I set my first keyword as +bell +system, does it mean when people search "school bell system", or "factory bell system" will trigger my ad? Do I need to add +school +bell +system and +factory +bell +system too to reach those users who are searching with these terms? Thank you!

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November 2016

How to use keywords modifier?

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Hi Liyu,


With modified broad matching, you are saying that any word with a plus sign in front of it has to be in the search query to trigger your ad.


Any other words ca be in the query or not, they don't matter. 


So you could just use +bell +system.


Or you can add in other variations with more keywords to make management of your keywords easier. This would be a typical way:


+bell +system
+school +bell +system

+factory +bell +system


That way you capture all searches with bell and system, but for the school and factory versions you can easily see how those variations are performing. 


Make sure you regularly check the search terms report for any negatives you might wish to add.


How to use keywords modifier?

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Thank you! That's very helpful.